Sunday, March 15, 2009

And PS

While we were out last night, I slipped my number to one of the bartenders. (I couldn't resist; he gave me a flashing St. Paddy's Day shamrock ring.)

He called today. (His name is Jim; he's 33.)

We're hanging out tonight.


Renee said...

Sweet!!! Have fun! And don't forget to give us the deets ;-)

anna said...

Fun! May the Luck of the Irish be with you, or something like that ;)

Jen said...

LOL. It went well. He's a former Marine. He works in marketing/advertising but got laid off (like everyone else down here) so he's serving/bartending while he looks for something else (and frankly, I think he's making more now than I am). My biggest complaint at this point is that he's so damn SKINNY. I'm not kidding. He's probably about 5'10", maybe even slightly taller, and there's a decent chance I weigh more than him. =-) But so far, so good. Plus, Steve is still in the picture (I think I'm taking him to my friend's SPD dinner tomorrow night.)

Renee said...

Girl, you're gonna have to start cooking for this guy to beef him up a little :-)

I'm glad you had fun with him and that Steve is also still in the picture. It's refreshing to "see" you dating other guys :-)

Nik said...

Jen, do yourself a favor, DO NOT allow yourself to date skinny dude. He might be cool as hell and all, but skinny dudes = NOT COOL! If you're interested, make it a rule that he's gotta gain some weight if he wants to keep kickin it. I still can't believe I was with incredibly skinny dude for 3 years. Not that I regret it, just sayin, I don't think I could do it again. lol

For real, have some fun tonight.

Renee said...

LOL Nik :-)

The guy I dated before I met John was skinny, too. Very muscular and he he had broad shoulders, but a VERY small waist. If I remember correctly, his jeans were 30x34. I always felt like I was smushing him. And I was a size 8 at the time. LOL.