Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Reporting live from...

Actually, I'm not sure WHERE the hell I am. The word "Orlando" is associated with the name of our hotel, but we are not definitely not in Orlando. I DO recall passing some sheep on the way here, though. We had to drive like 12 miles down a small, deserted highway to find a place to drink--I mean, eat--tonight. We're staying at a Hampton Inn, so it's pretty nice. It's like Civilization Island in the middle of BFE Ocean.

We got here (wherever "here" is) about 6:30. I helped the guy from corporate (LOL--otherwise known as my friend, C.--it's still so funny that he's risen so high in the company. To me, he's still the guy who gets smashed on 2 Long Islands and sings REALLY bad karoake) schedule all of the observations for tomorrow and Thursday on the drive up. I got to do it because a) I'm the only one who could work on the laptop without getting car sick and b) I announced, while we were roughly 3 miles from the school, that I was "already bored".

We all went out to dinner, where nothing much happened--oh, except for SECURING THE 5th TEAM LEAD JOB FOR NEXT YEAR. That's right--I used my face time with the boss very wisely once again. =-) So go me.

OK that's about it for now. I'm nervous about tomorrow--going in to the other schools and representing the company. Wish me luck! Check back tomorrow for another exciting update.

(Then again, Hot Teacher--he went to Ron Clark with me--and I were talking about a card game for tomorrow night, so I may be busy.) ;) (It's a continuation from Atlanta. He hates that I was ahead when we finally called it a night.)


lotusblossom said...

WHOOP for the team leader!

Anonymous said...

Pretty soon you will be another Ron Clark and I will have to read about what you are doing in People.

anna said...

Sheep in FL? They don't have sheep in FL. You may have driven to Kentucky or something. Watch out for the hillbillies.

Way to go on the team lead again for next year! I hope the site visits go well. And Good Luck in the Card game tonight with Hot Teacher!

Renee said...

Heh. Yeah. "Card game".


Congrats on securing the position again!

Anna-- we were BLOWN AWAY by how many cows and ranches we saw on the way from Orlando to John's parents' in Sebring, FL. You just don't think of FL as being a big cattle state :-)