Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I don't think we're in Michigan anymore, Toto

Since I moved to Florida, I've prided myself on being a Yankee--especially when it came to the weather. In the dead of "winter," I'd be walking around in short sleeves and a tshirt while everyone else was bundled up in winter jackets, scarves and (I shit you not) earmuffs.

Tonight, I went for a walk. At least, I tried to. But about 2 minutes from my door (which was like a millionth of a mile), I had to turn back. My teeth were chattering and I was shivering. It was PAINFULLY cold. How could Florida possibly be so frigid? I wondered. We must be undergoing the cold snap that the rest of the country was experiencing. I literally ran back to the comfort of my condo and jacked up the heat (yes, the HEAT). Then I checked weather.com--the hour-by-hour forecast, even. To what ungodly temps had South Florida dropped?

As of 7 pm, it was 62 degrees.

Three years into my tenure here, I am now--officially--a Floridian.


Renee said...

*sigh*. So sad. Inevitable, sure. But still, to quote the great Mr. Van Ark, it's really very sad. You're officially pathetic :-)

Shall I mail you some earmuffs?

Jen said...

LOLOL. I'm talkin' about...

Hehe. I loved him. (Okay, no, I hated him, but now I remember him fondly.)

seriously, I didn't believe it when I saw the actual temp on weather.com. I truly thought it was FREEZING. I was shocked at how my body reacted. Hell, while I was waiting for the heat to kick in, I actually jumped in a hot shower--for like 20 minutes.

WTF, yo. You would have thought I was an Alaskan dog sledder.

Renee said...

Meanwhile, it's supposed to be 60 and sunny here on Friday and I'm looking forward to opening windows!

LOL. You're gonna die, but John and I sleep with our bedroom windows cracked all winter. The coldest it gets in there is 50 (if it gets colder than that, I close the windows), but it's usually in the 55-60 range :-)

anna said...

Funny - I was thanking God that it was warmer today since it's in the 20s with sunshine and the wind has died down.

Your blood has thinned. You can now never return to the land of your birth.

We can't send any warm winter clothes because the stores here are only selling swimsuits now - so dumb!

Jen said...

Well interestingly, I got sick today. I woke up feeling a little "hinky," and throughout the course of the school day I came down with a full blown cold-flu thing. By 4 pm I felt like death warmed over. Stopped by drugstore on my way home, and within 2 seconds (literally) of walking through the door I projectile-vomited all over my entry way. Seriously, it was like the freakin' Exorcist. Sorry if that's too much info (it WAS truly disgusting)--

but my point is, I wonder if that shivering thing from last night that continued WELL after I came back inside (I had the heat cranked up for like 2 hours) was actually the early signs that I was getting sick and not, as I initially feared, a signal that I was now a Florida p*ssy.

I'm going to bed.

Fred said...

I'm the same way.

Hope you guys are well...I'm taking some time off.

Oh, and it should be on the low 80s this weekend.

Renee said...

Fred! I've been wondering if you're doing okay... long absence on your blog, and the last post sounded sad :-( I hope you're well! See you after your break?

Jen, you're still a Florida p*ssy, but I bet it was you getting sick :-) I bet it was fun cleaning up the vomit ;-) Get better soon!

anna said...

Yup, you're just sick. You can still come back to visit us northerners.

Projectile vomiting, huh? Nice! One of the worst things about growing up is not having parents to take care of you when you're sick, I think. I hate having to clean up my own puke when I already don't feel good. That's about the suckiest of suck.

Renee said...

Anna-- Just wait til you have to change bedding multiple times in the middle of the night because your toddler doesn't know the "I'm gonna puke" feeling and vomits in bed. This won't happen while you and Tim are still up. It doesn't happen until you're sound asleep. And then changing the bedding wakes you up so much you can't get back to sleep. Plus, you just KNOW they'll be in your room (or crying on the monitor) again any minute because they'll have thrown up again :-) Some fun stuff for you to look forward to ;-)

anna said...

That may be a new level of suckiest of suck - not just cleaning up my own puke but the puke of children. You'd think I would've thought of that already but I didn't. There's something to look forward to.

Renee said...

LOL. It's fantastic; you'll love it! :-)

Jen said...

I think this whole convo is gonna make me hurl again.

So I'm a bit sicker than I thought. Got myself a bit of pneumonia. No wonder I've been feeling so yucky. It's the walking kind, though, so that's good (as opposed to the dreaded jogging pneumonia or skipping pneumonia). Got myself some meds and a whole weekend to rest.

Nik said...

This whole conversation was damned entertaining. A couple posts about vomit, y'all crack me up.

Jen, I hope you're feeling better. No matter what you say, sick or not, no way you still have the thick skin that we northerners do.

Renee said...

LOL! Who the hell gets pneumonia in FLORIDA? Maybe old people in nursing homes, but c'mon!

I hope your meds get you feeling better soon! Love ya!

Jen said...

LOL I know. But hey, people still get sick down here. And really, this isn't a whole lot different from bronchitis. Except that it's harder to breathe.

(No, Mom, I'm not smoking.)

And speaking of which, smokes are going up $1 a pack on April 1. I think it's time for another quit attempt. (We'll STILL be a good buck under Mich though)

Fred said...

Renee...thanks for your thoughts. The Missus is spending almost every evening with her dad. She goes to work, gets off at 4, then heads up to see him and sometimes will get home after I've gone to bed.

He's scheduled for major surgery on Tuesday, and should be home 4-5 days later.

The Missus loves him very much. He's a very complex man, and he's lucky to have her as his daughter.

anna said...

Sorry to hear abut your pneumonia! Take care of yourself - Jim Henson died of pneumonia you know.

Fred, I'm sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I hope his health improves.