Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm in love!

This was the best Easter EVER.

I had two dates this weekend. The first one, on Saturday night, was with a great guy--29, lives in GR, works in marketing. This one has potentional, I thought, so I even had Missy do my hair beforehand, just so I'd make the best possible impression. We went bowling, ate, watched a movie at his place....We have so much in common, he makes me laugh, and he's a genuinely NICE guy.

As it turns out, though, this isn't the guy who ended up ROCKING MY WORLD.

There was this other guy I've been talking to on His name is Greg, he's 29 and he lives here in Holland. He works on some dock somewhere. We've been talking a LOT the last few week or so, both online and on the phone. We were on the phone for 2 hours on Friday night. "We're gonna be inseperable, aren't we?" he asked. I really didn't think much more about it, though, than "Hey, this could be a really good friend." I mean, at the time, I was too focused on the date with the other guy, the one with "real potential." Greg was just this crazy, funny guy who made me laugh (and, occasionally, drove me nuts; he's a bigger smartass than *I* am, even).

But before and after (and, truth be told, even a few times during my date with the OTHER guy, I kept thinking about Greg. He called me on Sunday to say happy Easter, and we decided to just meet up for an hour or two (or "get it over with," as I put it). And, just like that, I went. No prepping (my first attempt with the straight iron had been earlier that day; it looked OKAY, but not nearly as good as when Missy had done it the night before for what I thought was my "real" date), no stressing--I just freshened up, changed out of my "eating sweats" and went.

And, at the risk of sounding dramatic, I do believe it changed my life.

Now mind you, it's not just me. ;) (Shut up, it's not.) Before we met up, we had jokingly talked about eloping--but I swear to God, if we had had more money, I'd probably be in Vegas right now (the subject did come up last night).

He's....he's...GOD, YOU GUYS. HE IS SO INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL. He's a smartass and he talks a great deal of shit, but he's also got this sweet, sensitive, caring side. Like me, he uses his smart-assed-ness as a shield, sort of, to keep people at a distance. (And we can already call each other out on that.) But when the "other" him comes out, it just...blows me AWAY. He's probably one of the most loving men (hahhahahha....the first time I typed that, I actually wrote "loving mans") I've ever known. A lot of that comes out when he's talking about his daughter, who is just under a year and a half and the absolute center of his world. This man is SUCH a devoted and loving father, and I think that's what I admire the most about him.

Plus, he's not bad to look at AT ALL.

When we first met in person, I thought, Holy hell, this guy is WAY too cute for me. Seriously, that was my very first thought. I mean, I'm not the Elephant Man or anything, but let's face it, I draw more people in with my sense of humor than my stunning good looks. So as soon as we both stepped out of our cars (and instantly starting bullshitting with each other), I thought, "Oh yeah, this one is becoming just a friend"--not because I didn't want more, but because I thought, "No WAY is this going to happen. He's too hot."

At one point, we stopped by his parents' house because he needed to pick something up (they're in FL right now), and he kissed me in their kitchen. Later in the evening, we were talking in his truck while he was dropping me back off at my car, and he said, "Wow. I think I had my last first kiss in my parents' kitchen." At first I thought he meant that, before me, his last first kiss had been there, too. But then I realized that he meant his last first kiss....EVER.

The funniest thing, Kishelle, is that his last time is T***. Yes, they're related. He's Doug's second cousin or something like that (I think their dads are brothers). And Renee, he went to our junior high, but he was a year ahead of us. (He went to HHS, too, but neither one of US really did. Still, you might know him.) If, IF this is it, I walked right by The One back in like 1991 on a daily basis. Yet, it took me THIS LONG to find him?! (Neither one of us remembers the other one from school, though. He said he was going to try to dig up his old yearbook at his parents' house to find me; I begged him in the name of all that is holy not to. After all, junior high was not my most flattering time, LOL.)

HE REMINDS ME OF CHRISTOPHER TITUS, if any of you know who that is (actor/ comedian); both in how he looks and how he acts.

Now, I KNOW that you've all heard me say "I'm gonna marry this guy!" before, and I've even thought that I meant it once or twice. But never have I come home from a first date and THIS. (And I can't put into words what "THIS" is...terrified and yet perfectly calm at the same time.)

I'm either getting married or headed for a spectacular heartbreak.


Ulla said...

what a great story! I wish you the best of luck!

LocuTus of Borg said...

I vote for the first one =)

Wow sounds like you had a nice weekend - wish I could get two dates, let alone one on the weekend >:P It is funny how you manage to be around this person while growing up in life, yet never really connecting. Then years and years later it is when its supposed to happen. Glad you had a nice couple of dates. Take things as life gives them to you :)

Mom/Deb said...

Oh, Lord.

Ulla said...

Thanks for the comment I really did enjoy your story. I say go for the second guy;)

keesh said...

I am really happy for you. have fun and keep us posted! You need to call Kacey and see if she has ever met him :). Funny!

Deb - be nice! it just might work out for her and be happy for her will ya. Don't get me started on Mom's ok :).

Jen said...

Yeah, Mom. Be supportive. You should be thrilled. He's a HOLLAND guy. It may end up keeping me in state. Plus, I'll be out of the house a lot more now. =-)

He called this morning on his first break at work. "I just wanted you to know...." he said tenderly, "that I KNOW you're thinking about me."

"Shut up," I said. "You are too."

"Shut up."

Ahhhh, true love. =-)

keesh said...

I think it is cute how playful you guys are with each other. good luck girl. You deserve to gleam with happiness and let me know if i need to have a talk with Deb. I can handle Mom's like that, you know what I mean :).

Anna said...

How Lovely!
Enjoy him :)

Renee said...

So you guys... he met us after the walk today for breakfast, and we went bowling and drinking tonight and he came with... they are SO FRICKIN CUTE together :-) Jen's gonna say I'm jinxing it, but you can just tell they're both really into each other. It's so nice to see :-)

Jen said...


Renee said...

LOL shut up. if your MOM didn't do any damage with her little episode, my saying you guys are cute isn't gonna cause any.