Thursday, April 06, 2006

Field trip

Today (meaning Wednesday), I had my first work-related field trip. I'm the one who actually had to organize it, plan it, etc, so I started relatively small: the Holland Museum. It actually went pretty well (they didn't just do boring "museum stuff": they had an I-spy scavenger hunt, and the kids got to decorate wooden nickels, play dress-up with old clothes and EAT WINDMILL COOKIES).

For the most part, the kids (who, I must say, behaved pretty well; of course, Mr. Brian and I threatened them with everything under the sun if they DIDN'T act right) seemed to enjoy it, except for one of the older boys who complained that there was "too much informational talking and stuff." On the bus ride back, I asked what their favorite part of the trip was. In order, here are the results:

1) The cookies
2) The elevator ride from the main floor to the basement
3) The free balloon each student received

Even so, I'm still considering the day a success, as I returned back to work with the same amount of children I left with and my kids didn't do anything to get us permanently banned from the Museum.


Nik said...

lmao-- thank god they picked up on all that informational talking and stuff. That'll stay with them forever! I'm glad that things went well for you, just try not to make the day so "learny" next time

keesh said...

Cute. if you have to plan anymore, the Fennville Museum is really neat...I think it is under the allegan county museum if you google it. But anyway, it isn't spectacular, but it is small enough that you can see the kids in every area no matter where you stand. I liked that. no one can get lost...anyway, another idea.

Anna said...

lol - you didn't lose any kids ;) It certainly sounds like a successful trip to me!

LocuTus of Borg said...

Not getting banned is a good thing. I remember our cross-country team getting banned from a couple hotels ():) that is a smiley face with a halo haha

Glad you had fun - I LOVE going to musuems. I can not get enough haha.

John Cowart said...

I've been cheated! The museum here didn't give me a cookie. How do they expect us to get educated without cookies?

Renee said...

LOL John :-)

And don't forget to mention seeing one of our favorite teachers... it's really very sad that you forgot to mention that, if you know what I'm talkin about :-)

Jen said...


Fred said...

I don't do field trips. I'd be a nervous wreck trying to keep up with 90 teenagers or so.

I'll show a video instead.

Anna said...

I agree with you Fred - Teenage field trips do NOT sound like a good idea.