Saturday, December 27, 2008

Whoosy Whatsit

As loyal readers of my blog know, I've been snowed in pretty much since arriving in Michigan a week ago by one of the larger snow storms to come through these parts in recent years. The frozen tundra was buried under several feet of snow, which was, in turn, covered by a sheet of ice.

And then today, it all melted.

Don't believe me? Then you must not be a Michigander. Because 'round here, it IS entirely possible to have a 40 degree warmup in one day, and to have winter blizzards give way to spring-like thunderstorms. (Seriously--THUNDERSTORMS.)

See? Grass.

Today: high of 57.
Tomorrow: high of 33. And--oh yes--the snow returns.

Just another weekend in Michigan.


Kishelle said...

I have lived here my whole life, and this is the strangest weather pattern i have seen! it was so warm, but just the day before ICE...weird...and thunder and lightening too WTF??

Fred said...

77 as I write this.

Hurry back!

Renee said...

No thunder here, but it rained BUCKETS. All of our snow is gone, except for the huge piles from plows/shovels/snowblowers. It got up to 52, I think.

Then we got a dusting of snow Saturday night, and even though Sunday's high was only 25 and the windchill was 15, the sun was out, so that dusting is now gone. It's weird.

And I know you all think I'm crazy, but I'm REALLY SAD that the snow is gone. I wanted to take Brent sledding this week while he's off. Now it looks like we can instead go swimming in yards that have flooded (flash floods all OVER the place) from the rain. Except now the yard ponds are frozen. Ice skating?

Nik said...

This winter weather, I can totally deal with. I loved watching all the snow just melt away. Yeah, it sucked that parts of the highway were shut down as a result of all the flooding/rain, but the warmth and snowmelt was tits.

Today is still awesome. The sun's shining, no clouds, and it's close to 40 degrees. I can dig it. If only it would stay like this.

Renee, you seriously are nuts.

Nik said...

BTW, Jen, WORD!!!!

Jen said...

Nik: did you like my title? LOL

And on the day I fly out (Wed) it's supposed to drop 20 degrees. Oh well...that will make it much easier to leave. =-)

Weather in detroit that day (which I'm also flying out of): same temp with am snow showers. But I leave Det at 1:37 so I should be good. I have a 2 hour layover there at the best airport EVER, which means I'll be beginning my New Years celebration early. =-)

Just wanted to update everyone on my travel plans, LOL

anna said...

It was the same weird weather in Wisconsin & Minnesota. WTF?!