Wednesday, December 17, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

I mentioned my Teacher 12 Days of Christmas in the break room this morning, and a few of us sat down and busted it out. Then, the 2 music teachers stood up and did a duet for us, and it sounded REALLY good. This is the last stanza, obviously, so I don't have to type all of the repeats, but here's our version, at least as it stands now.

So, for teachers everywhere...

On the 12th day of Christmas my students gave to me
12 students absent
11 pencils tapping
10 parents ranting
9 kids a’pukin
8 in detention
7 bus referrals
6 spitballs launching
5 tests to graaaaaaaade
4 rumors flying
3 students texting
2 boys a’fighting
And a broken arm in PE

And in other news: my voice is gone. It started to go yesterday, I was okay for about an hour this morning after resting it last night, and now it's gone again. I sound, literally, like Minnie Mouse (just ask Mom, who called me to "remind" me that I'd forgotten one of my niece's birthdays and I finally called back and squeeked out, "I can't talk!"). I had to have a "translator" for the second half of the day at school today; I'd whisper to him what I wanted to say and he'd deliver it (complete with my body language and mannerisms, which was hysterical). I used a lot of impromptu sign language, too. By the end of the day, I had signs for:

Line up
Stop talking
Sit down and stop talking
Turn around and stop talking
Seriously, if you don't stop talking I'm going to kick your ass
Turn in your assignment
Take out your books
Clean up

As an added bonus/challenge, I had to take them down in the afternoon for a middle school choir performance--and I was actually very happy with their behavior. Of course, before we left, I wrote this on the board:

"If you don't behave, it will not be pretty when I get my voice back."

(They didn't know this, but I also emailed my team before we left and said, "If my kids act up, you have full permission to lay the smack down.")

2 more days....


Fred said...

I love it! I can hardly wait to tell my colleagues about the new version I made up. I'll be a star.

Jen said...

You can adjust for your particular school, of course.

and I expect royalties.

Renee said...

"Seriously, if you don't stop talking I'm going to kick your ass"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I almost fell off my chair :-)

I love your version of the 12 Days of Christmas :-)

Seriously, it could be on the next Kids Bop Christmas cd!

anna said...

Love the new 12 days of Christmas, especially days 10, 9 & 1!

Why do you have to teach without a voice or on night time cold meds? Don't they have substitute teachers in FL?

Jen said...

Cuz I'm a trooper!!

I'm actually home today. And calling in was an adventure in itself, with no voice. I finally communicated with a morse-code like series of squeeks.

Nik said...

You have to show me the sign for "Seriously, if you don't stop talking I'm going to kick your ass". LMAO You crack me up!

Again, the song y'all came up with was brilliant. Hope you're feeling better, Minnie!

anna said...

Minnie? Huh?

Glad you're home taking care of yourself for a change. Hope you're better soon, especially for your plane ride home for the holidays!

Renee said...

She said in an email that she sounded like Minnie Mouse :-)

Safe trip home, Jen! Can't wait to see you :-)

anna said...

Ah ha! That makes sense of the Minnie thing. Thanks Renee! :)