Monday, December 22, 2008

This is BULLshit
**Now with photographic proof

You can't really tell, but the snow is falling in blizzard-like sheets

The bush right outside of our front door, which is as far as I've dared to venture out thus far

The snow piled on the side of our driveway (as of last night)

Seriously, these pics don't do it justice. I'll keep working on it.

More to come...


Nik said...

Welcome Home Jen!!!! Crazy thing is this shit keeps getting worse. I've never seen it this bad here, not before Christmas anyways. Glad you made it home safe though. Driving Sat and Sun was insane, couldn't see further than the headlights sometimes.

As much as I hate to say this, I'm all for Christmas in FL from now on.

anna said...

It does seem like an especially bad winter this year.

Jen said...

IT's up to my knees now.

Renee said...

I *told* you to bring boots and snowpants :-)

I actually love the snow. It's the negative temps and -35 wind chills that are pissing me off. Actually, right this minute, it's only -2 with a -17 wind chill. Pretty warm for the last couple days. So we have FEET of snow but can't play in it because we'll get frostbite and/or hypothermia if we stay outside for any length of time!

I hope you're up for venturing out by Wednesday! Looks like (here, anyway) it's supposed to warm up to 28 tomorrow, but expecting 3-5" of snow and then 32 on Wed with a "wintry mix". That'll make for a fun, carefree drive to Michigan :-)