Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So this is Christmas: the ballad of a Floridian stuck in what they're calling the worst storm Michigan has seen since 1976--and by "they," I mean my mom and stepdad, not an actual historian or meteorologist or anything

(Hmmm...I may have to work on that title)

Sung to the tune of "So This is Christmas"

So this is Christmas
Never seen this much snow
My road has not been plowed
So I have nowhere to go

So this is Christmas
Everything's covered in white
The thought of me driving
Gives my mom quite a fright

So this is Christmas
At the house I am stuck
'Cause the 'rents do not trust me
To drive on ice in the truck

So this is Christmas
Got lots of time on my hands
So I'm here writing gay songs
'Stead of lying in sand

So this is Christmas
Hear me as I screech
That all future holidays
Will be on Ft. Myers beach

No, in all seriousness, I'm really happy to be home for the holidays; it's just hard because I haven't gotten to see the sisters and little ones yet and I'm getting kind of restless. But, as I watch the snow fall down in large, fluffy flakes, and look at the trees completely covered in white, and it's so quiet and peaceful because no one's going outside and the snow is completely untouched...I can't help but think, THIS is what Christmas looks like.


anna said...

LOL!!! I LOVE your songs!

If Christmas is in sunny Florida next year then make room for me, 'cause I'm comin' too!

anna said...

Carolicious had her little girl this morning :)

Jen said...

Awww I just checked the blog last night, too. Off to read it now.

lotusblossom said...

LOL..'rents don't trust you!
I'd offer to come pick you up but im stuck in the store.
FYI my dad says the same thing about the worst since 1976.

All these post about you old house make me think of the Will Smith song Nightmare on my street:)must be the time period.
Merry Christmas Jen!

Renee said...

LOL! Love the song :-)

Lisa, I'm cracking up at your comment, too. We probably WERE the nightmare on that street :-)

Nik said...

Jen, you're getting pretty damn good at your song writing skills, you're like Weird Al in chick form really. lol
We will be seeing you tomorrow.