Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Drunken karaokee

This is a video of one of my old, old friends at the bar last weekend. Skip ahead to 4:55, when he actually starts singing. I couldn't place the song at first--until he hit the first high note in the very, very recognizable chorus (hint: it's a Prince song, and the chorus is essentially two words: the name of the song). I have to say--to ME, it sounds he actually hits the damn high note--but then again, that's not saying much, on account of my tone-deafness. Whether it's technically "good" or not, though (and it very well may be), you sure don't expect THIS to come out of HIM, and either way, it's most definitely entertaining. Heads up: just don't watch with kids around.

Added bonus: check out the random guy from the audience who gets up on stage to "back up dance".

Take the time to view even the first minute or two. Come on, you know you have nothing else to do. And after all, it comes to you Jen Recommended and Jen Endorsed....


Fred said...

Oh, my, was he bad. And that high note probably sounded good to the drunken patrons, but to this sober ear, it gave me a headache.

Fun fact: I've never done karaoke. Now I know why.

Gotta give him credit though, he up there having fun!

Jen said...

Oh, that WASN'T on key? It sounded pretty good to me. (And I've been sober every time I viewed it.)

Renee said...

LOL. NOT on key, but my guess is that it's as close to on-key as a normal man can get :-)