Saturday, June 20, 2009

Leaving town

Tomorrow, I'm leaving for Orlando for a week. I'm going to a workshop on Differentiated Instruction; it's a "Train the Trainer" kind of thing, which means we (myself and the other 2 5th grade teachers) will receive the training, and then we'll go back to school in the fall and train the other teachers. Fun stuff. It will be boring as hell, I'm sure, but it looks really good on the resume and it's a really good investment to make (time-wise, not money-wise; the school is paying for it, of course. And speaking of which, it's costing them $1300 PER PERSON just to ATTEND the workshop, not to mention putting us all up in a hotel for the week, food, etc. We figured that by agreeing to attend this conference, we were securing our jobs just that much more--after all, if they were willing to put this much money into us, then obviously they weren't going to kick us to the curb any time soon).

The best part of this conference is that the hotel is right at the entrance to Universal Studios. The SECOND best part is that teachers get in free to Universal all summer. So, yeah. They'll be keeping us pretty busy this week, but we're hoping we'll get at least a couple of free hours to check out Universal.

I'm bringing my laptop, so I'll still be online and stuff. (Not a whole lot, though--in addition to the trainings during the day, we then have to spend our evenings putting together some kind of presentation for Friday, to demonstrate that we've learned what we need to learn.)

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Renee said...

Well, certainly not a vacation, but I think you'll manage to have some fun! Enjoy Universal!