Saturday, June 27, 2009

Everything is better in Florida

The boys, of course, are already in love with Ft. Myers. Once I picked them up at the airport, we hit a Waffle House on the way home, where we discovered that Anthony (8) loves, loves, LOVES him some grits. After stocking up on groceries, we went down to the beach (it was rainy for most of the day but finally stopped around 5 or so). The boys went right into the Gulf and they took to it immediately. The looks on their faces when they got their first mouthful of salt water was hysterical, but once they got used to it they were diving into the waves like dolphins. Missy and I weren't planning on going into the water, but I sucked it up and went in wearing my shorts and a tshirt when I saw that the boys wasn't to go in a little deeper. We talked Missy into coming in, too. We also went on the pier and just walked around Ft. Myers beach. We took a break for dinner at Hooters, then went back onto the beach so the boys could swim and hunt for shells some more and Missy and I could watch the sunset (it was cloudy but still damn beautiful). Another highlight for the boys is "gecko hunting," where they stalk the gecko lizards and then try to pounce. The geckos, of course, are on to them and are able to jump out of the way pretty easily, but it's still so funny to watch.

Today, we have a cookout (where the boys can swim in the pool) with some of my friends. We were going to try to hit the planetarium and nature center today, too, but we better freakin' get moving since it's already noon (so Donovan, quit watching me type this and go get dressed).

In closing, I will let each boy give me one sentence that describes how they feel about Florida so far.

Donovan (12): "It's ten times better than Michigan."
Anthony: "Everything's better in Florida." *

*Hence the name of this post. It became a running joke yesterday that everything, from coffee to Target to trees to sand, is just way cooler down here--'cuz it's in Florida.

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Renee said...

Hahahaha! How fun!! You know what's even better? You have no roommate right now, so that must be really nice to be able to host them in "your" condo, just the four of you!

And here comes the gayness: I got a little choked up reading your post. I'm just SO excited for them to have their first vacation be so wonderful and in such a great location, and with Aunt Jenny to show them around. And I can just imagine the fun they're having. Tell Missy I love her and that she's an awesome mom!