Monday, June 22, 2009

Updated: pic of the day

I've decided that each day, I'm going to take just one of the shots I've captured that day and make it my "Picture of the Day"--a shot that kind of encapsulates/sums up the overall theme or message from that day's adventures. (Then again, they may be totally random shots sometimes, too. Today, for example, your pic of the day was almost a huge-ass muffin from the deli here. It was seriously the biggest muffin I've ever seen in my life. Take your hand, spread out your fingers--that is the size of the TOP of the muffin.)

Anyway, here's the POTD for Monday:

I call this shot "Tickets to Paradise." See, during the day, we are loaded down with stuff--purses, tote bags, binders, training materials, trainer kits, etc. We are freakin' pack mules.

But at night, walking around Doubletree City (ha ha--I'm so clever)--and, tomorrow and Wednesday, Universal Studios-- this is all I need: my driver's license (because I've been getting carded a lot lately--holla!!), my debit card and my room key. No matter where we end up or what we're doing, there is a world of fun to be had--and the keys to that world are these 3 items.
And that, my friends, has been your POTD.

*Dramatic bow*

9:30 am
Conference center was just evacuated --not sure whats up


anna said...

Do tell!
Hope all is ok!
Go wait it out at the pool bar.

Jen said...

LOL Anna. There was smoke somewhere in the building; fire trucks came; that's all we know. We weren't out there too long though.

Day 1 of training was actually really, really good. IT's not one of those boring trainings at all. Best of all, they aren't "reading from the powerpoint" (or handouts),a personal pet peeve of mine. They use it as speaking points but give us a lot more additional info, rather than reading TO us, word for word, what we can plainly see right there, and then moving on. Best of all, our presenter/trainer is really fun (and funny), which of course moves it along, as well.

I am SO MOTIVATED right now with new ideas for the fall, and it's only Monday!

Nik said...

POTD is an awesome concept. I dig it. I giggled when you talked about "the biggest muffin". Too cool that you're actually enjoying training. That doesn't happen very often.

Fred said...

I wish I could say the same about my training. It was a colossal waste of time that the district paid me $700 to sit through.

Jen said...

Fred: one could argue, then, that it wasn't a TOTAL waste of time. You made $700!! Holla!!! If you had had to sit through it for free, THEN it would have been a waste of time. I'll sit through pretty much anything for $700

Renee said...

Bitch, you'll sit through almost anything for $7. Or at least, that's what I heard ;-)

I'm glad the training is useful! It seems like that NEVER happens with these kinds of things! I'm also loving POTD :-)