Saturday, June 13, 2009

My new dog

Meet Sophie.

Okay, she's not TECHNICALLY mine. But she does belong to my new future roommate, April.

Now as most of you know, I'm horribly, deathly allergic to dogs. As I recently discovered, though, I'm not allergic to "hair" dogs, only fur ones. And Sophie here is a hair dog--therefore, no allergies. (And I was around her for a good couple of hours today with no problems at all--and if you've ever seen me around a dog, you know I'm usually pretty miserable within a matter of minutes.) So--whoo hoo!! I get to "have" a dog without any of the real responsibilities--it is, after all, HER dog. Perfect! LOL

We went apartment shopping today and found a 3 bedroom, 2 bath for a ridiculously low montly rent (shout-out for the shitty Florida housing market!). So we each get our own room AND we'll have a study/computer room/"teacher" room (April's a teacher at my school; we've been working together for 3 years. Which is ALSO great, because we have similar schedules, etc. Plus, we can vent to each other. After splitting rent, electric, cable, etc., I'll be paying roughly the same as I'm paying now, but for a way bigger place. (It's on the 2nd floor, so moving will suck, but the upper apartments have those huge cathedral ceilings--totally worth it.)

Anyway--all in all, a great day. We move in August.


Renee said...

For a little dog, she's really cute :-) Plus, how great that you get to enjoy the benefits of a hair dog in the house without all of the responsibilites and poo pick-up :-) The whole situation sounds like a great fit and I'm happy for you! I think you've surpassed me, now, in number of moves. I'm not sure if your section can take much more erasing before a hole appears :-) Time for a brand new Jen entry :-)

Jen said...

Yeah, we've already agreed that we're going to pull a Golden Girls and live together the rest of our lives, so we never have to move again. If we get married, they're just going to move in with us. So this should be the last entry for me. ;)

Fred said...

HI Sophie. Copper says hello and he asked if you were single.

Your new place sounds great. Congrats.

You'd be a great Sophia.

Renee said...

LMAO Fred!

Oh, and Jen is TOTALLY Blanche.

Jen said...

I was waiting for the inevitable Blanche reference.

anna said...

As soon as I saw the title of the post I was going to remind you that you're deathly allergic to dogs, but you're already past that. It looks like a really cute dog.
The apartment situation sounds great! It's nice that you have that extra room for me, Tim & Mark to stay in when we come to visit you for Spring Training next year - so thoughtful of you to think of our needs when looking for your new apt ;)