Monday, June 01, 2009

The final countdown

The last day of school (well, for the kids) is a week from this Wednesday. That means that, after today, we have 7 school days left.

Unfortunately, the closer we get, 1) the crazier the kids get and 2) the less I care, so it's gonna be a loooooooong week, LOL.

Finished my report cards tonight (little-known secret--the final grades are due like a week before school actually gets out--but of course we don't tell the KIDS that). I was actually a little more generous with grades for this last quarter; for example, say I have a kid who ALMOST made the A/B honor roll except for a 78 in, say, social studies. If it's a student who has been working hard this year, I'll bump him up a couple of points (if their grade is lower due to missing work, though, I take no pity on them). There's one boy who has worked SO hard to make honor roll this year, and with a little "assistance", he finally made it during last quarter; I'm so excited to see his face next week!

The end is definitely in sight!


Anonymous said...

You can make it!

Fred said...

I grade the same way. If someone busts their butt, I'll help them where I can. On the other hand, if a student has a 79.9% with five missing homework assignments, a "C" it is.