Thursday, February 19, 2009

Nothing to report

It's been a very, very busy week, but I have nothing major to share. Work is keeping me busy (progress note grades are due tonight); I've been hanging out with friends--that's about it. Oh--I did have my "official" observation this morning. The principal was in my room for about 45 minutes during math; when I saw her later that day in the hallway she told me I did a great job and if she had a 5th grade student, she'd want him/her in my class--so that's pretty high praise. I'm meeting with her during my planning period tomorrow for the full recap/debriefing, so I'll let you know how that goes. Sounds like I'm in pretty good shape, though.

We had a staff bowling party tonight. My first game was a 75 and my 2nd game was a 50. I am now officially the suckiest bowler at school. Holla!


Anna said...

Way to go on your observation! It's always nice when those go well :)

Jen said...

I walked into work this morning and found a "Bowling Sportsmanship Award" taped to my door. It was awarded to me "for perserverence in facing overwhelming odds" --in other words, for sucking some serious bowling ass but not giving up.

After a full day of investigation, I still haven't found out who put it up there. No one is fessing up. LOL

My meeting with my principal went exceptionally well. I'll post more later.

Nik said...

*high five* on the observation. Very cool.

You might wanna work on your bowling game though. That's bad! I suck ass too though.