Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crazy Parent

And if my day wasn't already exciting enough (see below), I had a meeting after school with Crazy Parent and her slightly more sane husband (CP is the one who forbid me from contacting her regarding his missing work because it was "my job to make sure he got it in, not hers", homework was just "pointless busy work" anyway because "schooling should only take place between the hours of 8 and 3" and reminded me that "her tax dollars paid my salary". The reason for this meeting: D. failed most of his classes for the 2nd quarter, too, and is now in danger of retention.

This time, I had the principal sit in on the meeting with me. And I came armed with LOADS of evidence, including recent (failed) tests, his scores for this new marking period so far, a list of the work he's ALREADY missing and proof that he was, in fact, writing his assignments in his planner (to make sure his parents couldn't put any of the fault back on me). I don't know if it was the mountain of paperwork I had to support me or the presence of Mrs. A, but CP was much less crazy this time around.



Nik said...

Glad you didn't have to throw down w/ CP. Maybe she finally used one of her brain cells and realized her kid was her responsibility, not yours. Wonder what the deal is with this kid, almost feel bad for him. Especially w/ the stories you've told about his mom

Renee said...

I feel bad for him, too. He'll never learn any accountability if his mom keeps this shit up.

I'm glad she was less crazy, too... I just hope the craziness doesn't come out in a few days, once she's had time to think of more excuses and ways to lay blame on you :-)