Tuesday, February 10, 2009


(But first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RENEE!!!!!!!!!)

This weekend wasn't ALL psychoticness (yes that IS a word), however. In fact, we had a pretty damn good Saturday. We went out on the boat--and this time, we actually SAW dolphins. No, scratch that. We EXPERIENCED dolphins.

See, every other time we've gone "dolphin hunting," we've never found them. Well, once we saw one, but that was it. This time, we saw dolphins a LOT. And I'm talking pods of like 3 and 4 at a time. And they were REALLY close to the boat. In fact, at one point, a group of 3 went UNDER our boat (that's how close they were) and resurfaced RIGHT NEXT TO US. I could have reached out and touched them. You have no idea the amount of willpower it took not to jump into the water with them. (Side note: dolphins are my "thing," in case you didn't know. I LOVE dolphins. And not in a "aww, dolphins are cute" kind of way, either. They make me happy and bring me this sense of--peace, I guess. So being that close to them was amazing.)

Once I get some pictures emailed to me (and maybe even VIDEO, I hear), I'll get them up.

Here's a pic he took on another trip last year. This is NOT one from dolphin-palooza, but it does "capture the moment" and the experience of Saturday.

I loves me some dolphins.


Anonymous said...

From Urban Dictionary:
Psychoticness - When someone is psychotic and is full of it.
She is full of psychoticness.

Jen said...

I TOLD YOU it was a word, yo.

Don't f--- with a communication major.

Renee said...

Thanks! Word.

I'm so geeked for you that you got to experience dolphins! John saw one while we were in Daytona Beach, but by the time Brent and I ran over to the balcony, it was gone :-( We DID, however, get to pick a starfish out of the water for a photo op :-)