Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I won! *

A Glamour magazine giveaway!! I don't enter EVERY month but occasionally something catches my eye. Well, today I came home to a decent size box from Glamour; inside I found THIS

Yeah, I'm geeked. I'm gonna bust it out tonight.

*Either that, or I bought it on eBay during my spree and just forgot. ;) No, I'm kidding, Mom. I won it.


Nik said...

Yeah-- free prezzies are the best! That's so cool that you won that. Missy and Lynda have Core Secrets and they both seem to like it. Well, as much as liking exercise equipment goes, that is.

Renee said...

Ooh, I want one! Let me know how you like it. I love it when we do stuff on the ball in Pilates and Butts & Guts... I should probably get one :-)

Anonymous said...


Now you get my sweepstakes phobia. It's addicting.

anna said...

Those balls are evil and dangerous - Beware!