Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Follow Up

I received another message from Matthew's mom today (although it hurts to see it come in because it still says "You have received a message from Matthew," and EVERY TIME I well up because I SO wish that were true). Anyway, it said:

Jen, I tried to email you a message but it would not go thru--Am I missing something. I would love to keep in touch and send you some pictures of the beautiful stone we had made for Matt if I could get your address again. Thank you

I suspect we're going to develop kind of an on-going communication, which is cool. As a lot of you know, I became very close to Thomas's mom and talk to her more than I talk to him somedays. When you're an Angel, you sometimes need to be there for the families just as much, if not more, than for the actual soldier. And if ANYTHING I say helps to relieve some of her grief, even just a little, then I know that I made Grimm smile, too. I told him I'd always have his back.

On a slightly lighter note: I was at Target tonight (Holla!) and the cashier said, "You know, it's the end of my shift, and I do believe that this is the oddest, most random combination of items I've seen today."

I looked down. "Oh," I said, "Yeah. I came here for the coffee maker, and then I decided I needed some mouthwash *, too."

She laughed. "Okay," she said, " 'Cuz I was wondering what on earth would have made you
suddenly jump up and say, 'You know what I need right now? Mouthwash and a coffee maker!"

Maybe you had to be there, but it was funny.

*New citrus-burst Listerine--just as effective as the original, but less intense


Renee said...

That's really cool about Matthew's mom! And really weird, considering what I said in the email today :-)

Have you gone all grown-up and started drinking coffee?

Jen said...

I'm gonna try to start...I LOVE how it smells

keesh said...

Jen - we have something in common, I too just got a coffee maker. well one that made more than 4 cups :) and while I don't drink it everyday, i do more often than I use to.
It is neat you have a relationship with the soldiers Mom's. I have only gotten 1 letter from my soldier in the time I have been signed up. and the letter stated nothing personal about her. Only about the bugs and weather. I am not even sure she is still there because in her letter I got in May it said she had just gotten a 3 month extension. I still sent a care package out 2 weeks ago because i figure it will come back if she isn't there. I hope once she gets home, she emails or writes so we can stay in touch. I know she is probably in a place that she just can't get to a mailbox everday so I respect her :).

Renee said...

Kish, you'll usually get a MAIL STOP email from Soldier's Angels when they're getting ready to come back home... although I didn't get notification with my first soldier until after she was already home. She didn't even get the Christmas box I sent :-( Oh well, I'm sure someone else enjoyed the stuff :-)

I love the smell of coffee, too. Still can't drink it, though, unless it's about 50% creamer and some sugar :-)

Nik said...

That is just beautiful that you have a relationship with Matthew's mom. I think it's great that she knows what a friend you are to Matthew and that she wants to keep in contact with you.

The Target adventure is too funny. I've often wondered what the cashier thinks when I have "goofy" stuff on the belt. Also, I'm not one for home brewed coffee, Starbucks is my favorite bitch, but as long as ya have some of the flavor stuff to put in it, that's cool.

Jen said...

OMG Nik, I had a SB gift card so I stopped in last night (Target has one) and had a white choc. mocha with caramel syrup. SO GOOD. It was the first time I truly understood how ppl could become so hooked.

Renee said...

The pumpkin spice latte is really good, too. I also love the gingerbread and eggnog ones as it gets more wintery. Ooh! And they have a maple one right now that's AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

But that IS nice about Matt's mom.

Todd said...

First, it's great that target workers feel comfortable enough to comment on your items at the checkout. I get dirty looks from the cashiers at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, I can't disclose what is in my cart.

I hope you're enjoying the Listerine, I use it daily. It's like an intense party in your mouth.