Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

My 5th graders started planning my "surprise" birthday party today.

I know this because 5th graders are spectacularly bad at planning "surprise" birthday parties.

You'll notice that I keep putting "surprise" in quotes. That's because they have the subtlety of a jackhammer and the covertness of....let's say the Stay-Puffed Marshamllow Man from Ghostbusters. (I dunno. He just doesn't seem like he'd be very covert.)

But, I'm playing along and acting all suspicious and in-the-dark. Despite J. yelling over to K. at the next table (WHILE they're supposed to be working on a social studies group project), "Hey K. what are you bringing for Miss K's party?!" (I told you), I still walked over and mock-suspiciously asked, "What's going on here?"

"Nothing," they said with their version of a straight face, by which I mean they were grinning like freakin' jack-o-lanters as they covered their "secret" papers.

"Okay, then," I slowly said, walking away, "as long as you're sure." At which point they would LITERALLY cackle with glee at they reveled in their sneakiness.

It's really pretty cute. But it's REALLY hard to act oblivious to a party being planned right under your nose.

(And no, I didn't TELL them to throw me a party--but they did see pictures of last year's wild 7th grade bash.)


Renee said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. You're hilarious and your kids are adorable :-)

anna said...


Well, that goes right along with me sending your card weeks early. This year I've been late for every birthday and event so I decided to send your card early (albeit, too early) while I was thinking about it.

A Very Merry Un-Birthday to You!

Nik said...

Ya know, I bet your students will manage to surprise you somehow. Yeah, you know they're planning a party for you, but I have a gut feeling something's gonna surprise you, don't know what though.

Any big plans for your b-day?

Jen said...

Mike told me he's taking me out for dinner on my actual birthday (He's just a friend; he's actually my closest male friend) and some of us are going to go out the weekend AFTER my birthday. Will probably see Dave the weekend before. So lots of little things. =-)

REnee:yeah, I figured you guys would get a kick out of my story.

Renee said...

Well since Nikki's having surgery on your birthday, be sure to tip a fo'ty for her :-)

Anonymous said...


I was gonna say, how long have you been hinting THIS year? :-)