Sunday, October 07, 2007

Grad school and my daughter

(No, my daughter isn't old enough for grad school yet. =-) Those are just the two topics in this post.)

First, my daughter: I talked to her late last night on the phone for like an hour. It was really, really cool. Seriously, this is about as good as I could have hoped for things to turn out, as far as our relationship goes. She cracks me up, too. For example:

Her: "I'm gonna marry a Jamaican midget."
Me (understandably): "HUH?"
Her: "Well, I love Jamaican guys because of their accents, and midgets--well, midgets are just freakin' AWESOME--so what's the obvious solution? Marry a Jamaican midget!"

LOL. (She's 14, almost 15.)

Second: I'm going to be going to graduate school for my master's soon. I'm doing this for 3 reasons:
1) I already owe so much in student loans that really, what's another 10K or so? I'll be paying on them the rest of my life anyway.
2) Getting my master's will allow me to boost my paltry teacher's salary to a slightly LESS paltry one. This, in turn, will actually HELP me to pay back my loans more quickly. Either that, or buy new clothes.
3) From the time I was old enough to understand what a master's WAS, I always promised myself that someday I would get one, too. It's my personal goal to achieve at least the same level of education that both my parents did.

I've been researching (I am, after all, the queen of research) both area schools as well as online universities, and I've applied to one of each--Florida Gulf Coast U. here in Ft. Myers and Western Governors U., based out of Salt Lake City. Price, program and reputation were the three main factors that narrowed down my original 6 or so selections.

Both of these schools will cost about the same amount (although I've already applied for a scholarship at the online one and I'm in the process of applying for a grad school tuition waver at FGCU--they're very competitive, though, and with my luck I'll make "too much" to qualify, since I don't have to eat twigs and leaves or whatever the requirements are to qualify for "need-based" scholarships these days. Hell, even with I was making $25K and decided to return to school to be a teacher, I didn't even qualify for need-based LOANS. However, if I could start THIS year, before the new FAFSAs are filed--which means I'd have to go with WGU--I might qualify for slightly more that first term. My 1040 LAST year was even lower than $25K because I had been working at Tutor Time for the first part of the year, until I moved down here and started teaching. My new FAFSA, while still far from Daddy Warbucks-territory, will still be higher than my current one, thereby cutting down AGAIN on any aid I'm qualified for. I can still get loans, of course, but I was hoping for some "free money", too.

I like FGCU because it's a "real" school and it's very well known here in the area; however, I like WGU because you can work at your own pace, however fast or slow that may be, and--best of all--IT'S ALL ONLINE. As many of you know, I keep weird hours, so if I'm up at like 3 am on the weekend, I can "go to class," rather than having to sit in a classroom for 3 hours twice a week or whatever. So I'm actually kind of leaning towards WGU, assuming I can get that scholarship out of them ($1000 a term but it would make a big difference).

So we'll see.


anna said...

LOL at Mrs. Jamaican Midget-to-be! I love that girl!

And on the school thing- Can't you sit still for a minute?! Goodness, if it's not pole dancing it's a book, if it's not a book it's a master's degree. Can't you just hang out and enjoy the beach?

OK, I suppose if it's a life long dream then you can do it and I'll support you, but man, you make me tired with tu vida loca!

Jen said...

Yeah at first I was like "hmmm, is this me being "up" again?" but this IS something I've wanted to do, like, forever.

Renee said...

LMAO at Amanda :-) She's so cute!

And I'm LMAO even harder at a couple of your comments-- "Either that, or buy new clothes", and "since I don't have to eat twigs and leaves or whatever the requirements are..."

Congrats on pursuing the Masters, though! The online one sounds more up your alley because of the weird hours you keep, but I'm sure either of them will be great!

anna said...

Yeah, seriously, I'm really excited for you acheiving another of your life goals!

Eduardo said...

I think that you can combine pole dancing and your masters into one exciting major!

anna said...

Make your own major!

Renee said...

LOL, Eduardo :-)

hennhouse said...

Congrats on your decision to return to school! Good luck and remember to soak it all in-- the classes, the opportunities, the experiences-- no matter where you decide to go.