Friday, May 15, 2009

Should have seen it coming

I was served tonight with foreclosure papers (well, Brad's foreclosure papers). I should have denied receipt or whatever but I was in shock and didn't really know what was happening until it was too late.

I, of course, immediately called (got his VM) and emailed Roommate Dearest.

I can only assume that although I've been paying him rent every month, he hasn't been making HIS monthly mortgage payments. The good news, the way I see it, is this:

1) The foreclosure process takes a while, so I have some time to figure out what my next move will be. One of my friends and I were already talking about moving in together, so it looks like it may be time to start looking at that more seriously. At any rate, I won't have to go anywhere right away. I've got a good couple of months at least.

2) Since rent apparently isn't getting paid, I guess I won't have to make THAT monthly payment anymore. I can use that money to try to catch up on other bills. Of course, I'll still send him money for electric and cable and water and all that, since he has apparently been keeping up on all of that (as evidenced by the fact that I still HAVE electric and cable and water). That's probably most of what he's been using my monthly rent checks for--which is fine, of course. But I'm sure not paying half of the rent anymore every month, if he's just pocketing it or whatever. He's probably been using it to pay the rent at his new place, since he still hasn't found a job.

I don't think he's purposely screwing me over. I'm not worried that he's going to suddenly going to change his number and go AWOL and that I'm going to come home one day to no cable or power. I'm surprised he hasn't mentioned any of this to me (especially because he was in town this week), just as a "Hey, just so you know, here's the situation, so you should start looking for a new place", but of course he wanted to keep getting rent money from me for as long as he could, and he also wanted to keep me living here as long as he could, since without my rent check every month he's completely screwed. Plus, he was probably in denial about how bad the situation had gotten or thought he had more time until things got this far. sucks, and it looks like I'll have to find a new place sooner than I had hoped or planned, but at least now I know, and I can start figuring out what to do next.


lotus23blossom said...

ah shit hon, that sucks.

Renee said...

Ugh. Yeah, I guess that shouldn't be coming as a surprise, but I didn't think he'd let that happen. Do you still get to keep the furniture he promised you? :-)