Monday, May 04, 2009

Holy stress, Batman!


Science fair on the 13th, field trip on the 20th, those are the 2 main things stressing me out....and that last one is HUGE.

We have the money for the buses raised ($2500, bitches!! Hell yeah!), now anything extra goes towards bringing down the ticket prices for the kids. (And this isn't the regular, full price ticket--this is the special $39 group price, which is nice. We've gotten it as low as $20 before but that isn't going to happen this year, because last year the PTO paid for our buses and this year, well, we were on our own. Technically, we've raised way more money than we did last year--go, Super Team Lead!--but the costs were also way higher. I have the groups made up and chaperones assigned. Letters will go home to "official" chaperones tomorrow, with a chaperone meeting next Monday (you know: don't smoke, don't drink, don't lose any kids, don't let them climb the roller coasters or play with the elephants, etc). I am just CRAZY STRESSED about the whole trip because this year, *I* am in charge if ANYTHING goes wrong--last year, I just had to worry about my little group of 5 which was way better, LOL. And, as team lead, I had to give myself the "worst" kids (ie, those most likely to actually CLIMB the roller coasters, play with the elephants, etc), which is also more stressful. Remember last year, when I heard over the loud speaker at the log ride, "please do not rock the boats" and I just KNEW it was some of my kids? Well this year, that's more likely to be, "please get back into your log and quit mugging the other riders").

I will not be able to sleep normally until May 21.

And none of this even counts the 5th grade graduation ceremony I have to plan for June 8.

Pass the Tums.


Renee said...

Pass the Tums? Last time it was "pass the crack", LOL.

I'd be curled up in fetal position on the floor, crying, at this point. You're awesome and you'll get through it. The school year is almost done!!

Nik said...

Just like every other challenge you've faced in your life, everything will go just perfect and you'll get through it just fine. I have faith in you girl. Just think, at least summer vacation's almost here now. Woooo

Jen said...

Yeah, I can't pass the crack till the field trip is over, at the very least. I was bluffin' on that one earlier. LOL.