Thursday, May 21, 2009

Niece or nephew (I think niece) #10 on the way...
Now updated with pics!

Alli Elizabeth was born around 10:30....almost exactly 7 lbs. She's pretty cute.

My sister is in labor with child #5 (can you believe that I actually had to stop and count on my fingers before I typed that?). Her water has been "trickling" since 6 am, she's only dialated to 2 and the contractions aren't too bad yet...but this is definitely it. I just hung up with Mom and the doctor had just come in to check her out and see if they should induce or let it all play out naturally (although once the water breaks, they're working with a rather limited time table). Let's all pray that she doesn't steal my baby name--I mean, that everything goes well.

Heh--although at this point, she's had so many kids that she just has to sneeze and the whole thing should be over with (ooh, burn!).

Good luck, skank!


Fred said...

Best of luck to your sister.

I wish I read your earlier post about Bush Gardens. I would have loved to stop over there just to see you pulling your hair out. It would have made for a great picture on my blog.

Jen said..., thanks?

I was freakin' out so bad, it never even occurred to me that I was in Fred Territory. Dammit!! I bet I was within like 20 minutes of you.

Jen said...

It's a girl! 7 lbs. No name yet.

Jen said...

OK...Alli Elizabeth!!

She didn't steal my girl name!!

Renee said...

LMAO. She really IS cute! And I love, love, love the name she picked out, for three reasons:
1. She didn't steal your name
2. It's really pretty
3. It's so much cuter than Corndog, which her brother wanted to name her :-)

Jen said...

Yeah. "Alli" was Tyler's pick and "Elizabeth" is Katey's middle name. I really like it, too. in fact, I'm a little jealous of it, LOL

Renee said...

I love Elizabeth for a middle name. It's John's mom's middle name, too, and was going to be used by me if we had a girl :-)

And btw, I love the third-degree burn about sneezing :-)