Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just a really, really weird day

Two very unusual things happened yesterday (and they are totally unrelated, other than the fact that they both took place at our after-work hangout).

The first: about 5 of us were having a few drinks in the outside patio area. All of a sudden, a little tiny baby squirrel (it was ADORABLE) ran up onto the patio. It sat there for a minute and then started scampering around. It didn't seem to be scared of the people; it was more curious, just kind of checking things out. Some of the servers tried to shoo it off the patio and back into the lawn area, but Squirrel wasn't having any of it.

Some male servers and bartenders went up to it, and Squirrel just kind of sat there and watched them. They were talking to it and stuff--it was really cute. Suddenly, Squirrel ran over and just sat on one of their feet. We were like, Holy crap!!--because that right there is something you don't normally see a wild squirrel do. But then--it started to SCAMPER UP HIS LEG (he was wearing pants).

We (all the customers, servers, bartenders, everyone) were just amazed. It was so cool to see. But then it kept going--climbing up his leg all the way to his waist. (At this point, he started getting a little worried--"What do I do? What if it climbs up to my face??") So he and another customer started walking--Squirrel in tow--across the patio and back over to the grassy area. (While this was going on, several other customers arrived and did a double-take--"Is that a SQUIRREL??" Like I said that's not something you see every day.) When they reached the grass, the server did this little shimmy and Squirrel jumped off.

Like I said....just a weird thing to see.

Second: my neck was hurting pretty badly by the end of the school day yesterday. When I'm home, just watching TV or something, it isn't too bad--but after 6 hours of basically turning my head in every possible direction, I was definitely feeling it. One of the other teachers hadn't heard about my latest medical malady yet, so I caught her up to speed. When I mentioned which vertebrae were affected, she goes, "Wow, that's crazy! I have problems with those same exact ones!"


"And you know what, back when they were trying to figure out exactly what was wrong with me, they did a brain scan and these weird little dark spots showed up on it. They told me they thought it might be MS and everything--I was totally freaking out. I had to go back for a couple of follow-up MRIs, every 6 months--and those dark spots had completely disappeared! The doctors couldn't figure it out, so they figured it was just a bad MRI. And then later on, I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disorder and it was affecting my 3rd, 4th and 5th vertebrae. Weird, huh?"

By this time, of course, I'm starting at her with my mouth hanging open, totally dumbfounded, and my friend Kelly was like, "Oh my God, Jen! Oh my God!" I told this teacher (and the others at the table) that the SAME EXACT THING happened to me almost exactly two years ago--a routine eye exam showed a possible problem of some kind, so I got an MRI; dark spots were showing up in one part of my brain; the doctor told me it might be MS; I was panicking for a few months; went back for a follow up MRI and the spots were no longer there--so they, too, ruled it as a bad MRI. And now, two years later, an Xray revealed problems with my 3rd, 4th and 5th vertebrae. (He didn't say anything about DDD, though--just the beginnings of arthritis.)

By this time, the other teacher and I are staring at each other like we just realized we were separated at birth. (But she's black, so I don't think that's possible.)

I don't know what, if anything, this means or if the vanishing brain spots/vertebrae issues are in any way connected--but isn't that WEIRD?


sparkydiva said...

for you? no. not wierd. just another chapter for my book.

keesh said...

I figured out what the squirel means or however the hell you spell it when you don't have major head cold. anyway, it symbolizes you and LCB. You being the adorable squirel that wants to hang around somewhere that isn't right or natural and could be dangerous, but you just can't resist...that is my theory. and so the waiter represents all of us trying to shake you lose, but you keep sticking there...and you will have to do it in your own time...oh, i am so funny on cold medicine!

Jen said...

Okay, you DO realize that the squirrel thing ACTUALLY happened, right? It wasn't a dream or anything.

Very good analysis though. Maybe God IS sending me a sign

keesh said...

yes, i realize the squirrel thing did happen. I think God wanted you to see how amazing something can be, yet how insanely stupid taking that chance can be...oh wow, I am on a roll

Jen said...

Geez, are you on Nyquil or crack?


keesh said...

sudafed works the best on me...but I am about to take some night time shit and crash out....i haven't slept all day. not much makes me sleep...Thank God Shawn got home last night. he is taking Mason to the big buck contest tonight down the road, so i can rest. my earlier cold medicine has wore i feel like shit again/

Renee said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha, Kish! You're hilarious on cold meds :-)

anna said...

That squirrel thing was crazy but the matching diagnosis lady was Really Crazy!

Kish - I Love Sudafed! I also love ibuprofin. (even though I can't spell either of them) Sadly, all I can have is tylenol, sigh.