Saturday, November 01, 2008

Psychic adventures

As the culmination of my birthday celebrations, I went to a psychic today. It was, overall, a very positive experience. Unlike last time, I didn't receive any kind of recording of the reading, so I'm relying on my memory. I know there are already things that I've forgotten, but here are some major themes and specific messages that came through:

1) Let's get right to the good stuff: I'm getting married--and in about 2 years!!! Whoo hoo!! That also jibes with what the first psychic said, who predicted that I'd be married in my "mid 30s" (and in 2 years I'll be 34). I haven't met him yet (more on that later), but he's a very "laid back, easy going guy". While not rich, he is definitely "comfortable." He will probably already have a child or two, but she thinks I'll have at least one more (while the child vibe doesn't come through as clearly for me as it does for others--which is what the first psychic said, too--this one does feel that there's at least "one energy" who wants to come into the world. She said that online dating may very well be the way I meet him, although she was also feeling a "Home Depot" connection. LOLOL. Yeah, cuz I do so much in the home improvement arena. I'll tell you one thing, though--forget Shoeless Joe's. HI is totally my new hangout spot.

2) As soon as I came in, she said that a female energy came in with me, one who passed from heart problems. This would be Grandma. And it's funny, because in my first reading, no one came through--but at the time, no one close to me had passed away. So it's interesting that this time, she picked up on one right away. She talked a little bit about Grandma; I won't bore you with the details but most of it seemed to fit, although there are some things I want to ask Dad about. Speaking of Dad, Grandma kept talking about someone with a "Mar" name. My dad's middle name is Martin. She (Grandma--to keep things clear, "she" in this section is Grandma) said that I'm very much like Dad in a huge variety of ways. She also said that although depression and other similar issues run in the family (!!), I'll be the one to "break the cycle." I wonder if that means the fact that I'm the first one to actually seek TREATMENT for these issues rather than having them disappear from our family completely. (Then again, if I don't have more kids, maybe I'm "breaking the cycle" that way, too.)

3) She (I'm switching back to the psyhic now) said that a male figure was with Grandma, one who died from an overdose. She was getting an "ed" name. My uncle's name was Ted, and the exact circumstances around his death are still somewhat unknown (he was found dead at the bottom of a staircase; he had a known problem with alcohol and frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if drugs did play a role--I have to ask Dad.) She said that this male figure was very quiet, not really saying anything (unlike Grandma, who came through very vibrantly), but that he wanted me to know he was there. She said that he left a lot of things unsaid in his lifetime and that he was sorry for that. She also said that his was a lifetime of sadness, which fits with what I know about him.

4) I'm very creative, very, very MUCH so, and I need to do more with that. She said that "writing" was going to play a very big role in my life and that Grandma said I needed to do more with that. (Interesting.)

5) She (the psychic) said that I am also incredibly "intuitive"--that word came through a LOT during the reading--and that I have been, even as a child. She said that my hunches and instincts are very correct and very strong. I told her yes, but I usually ignored them because they told me things I didn't want to know. She told me yeah, stop doing that. LOL. Coincidentally, this is also a theme that came through from the first psychic.

6) Teaching is the career path for me, and she sees me staying in that for quite a while. She did see, however, that I may veer off into more of a specialized path and working with a very specialized group of students--she said special ed, but I wonder if she's picking up on the fact that I'm working on my Masters in ELL (English Language Learners). She said I have the "uncanny" ability to make all children feel special and important, which kind of choked me up.

7) If I do veer off the teaching path, it will be to something in the law or law enforcement field. She said something with "the laws"--but then again, that could be tied into my work with ELL students.

8) I brought up LCB in a roundabout way. I said there was someone who was causing "some drama" in my life and should I let this person go. She said no, he's (and she said "he," I didn't) there for a reason, and he will continue to be a part of my life--although not in a "love" kind of way. Then she said--are you sitting down?-- that I was actually HIS MOTHER in a former life (LOLOLOLOLOLOL), which is why we have this unspoken bond, the reason why he feels comfortable around me and can confide in me, the reason I feel so attached to him and the reason that it brings me so much joy to take care of and nuture him (all of which is true). She also said that he has money issues--that is, it's very important to him and he's very driven by it, which is also true.

Those are the big things--like I said, there's so much more. She said healthwise, the biggest thing she was picking up on for me was a "bone issue"--that it's not a "major" problem yet, although it may be giving some problems already, but that it will become one if I don't start getting some calcium.

Oh wait, one more thing:

(I forgot what number I'm one): although I've lived MANY past lives (500+), she said that one past life particularly resonates with me; my life as "Julius," in which I accomplished so much more than many people thought I'd be able to, and that I surprised a lot of people. She said to watch for that theme in this current life.

Oh yeah--and that I was very strong, very intelligent, but that I had self esteem issues and didn't fully realize everything I was capable of. She said that in preparing for my future, I need to develop more respect for myself and to see myself as others see me. This is also another theme that came through on my previous reading. (Once I'm done here, I'm going to find that post and link back to it, so you can feel free to reread it and draw comparisons, as well.)

All in all, a very positive experience.


Jen said...

See if that works. It'll at least bring you to the right year and then you have to scroll down to Oct. 30. Otherwise, click on "2005" on the right and then you can scroll down from there.

Jen said...

Ooh, I just remembered two more things:

1) She goes, "And what's this about your interest in scary movies? Grandma wanted me to make sure I mentioned that to you."


2) She also said that I have "a history of self-sabotage," that I often sabotaged myself and got in my own way of happiness and success.

keesh said...

Oh my gosh. this is so funny and interesting to me. I have been one time and it was a horrible experience for me. So I say, we all find one and go at our next get together...I keep laughing at the part about LCB being your son...ha ha.

Jen said... makes some of the things we've done very, very wrong.

Okay, MOST of the things.

Okay, ALL of the things.

LOLOL. Ewwwwww.

But really, we SHOULD do that--oohh!! Next Girls' Weekend!! Or next time I'm in Holland. Maybe not Xmas cuz people will have their money going towards that, but maybe my summer visit.

sparkydiva said...

aaahhh incest. gotta love it. :)

Renee said...

Hahahahaha Jen and Brandi :-)

That IS pretty nasty. I guess you better knock that shit off STAT.

Yeah, I'm totally up for all visiting a psychic next Girl's Weekend or whenever. I've never been to one and have mixed feelings. I think they can read a lot into your reactions to certain comments, but at the same time, there has to be SOMETHING there to begin with...

Jen said...

LOL. Maybe this will "cure" me.

keesh said...

For sure!! and this summer, I want a longer weekend. like from Thurs to Sunday :0). i can take a Friday off. good times!

anna said...

Very interesting! Those psychics always are!

I'm really feeling the self-sabotage stuff and the not listening to your intuition.

I think seeing a psychic again would be fun!

Renee said...

Yeah, a lot of the stuff she said gave me chills. Spot on, most of it! And the being Shawn's mom part gave me chills, too, but in a totally different way. LOLOL. Icky.

sparkydiva said...

ack renee! i just threw up in my mouth a little bit!!

Fred said...

Pretty cool adventure. Congrats on meeting your new guy and getting married. I can hardly wait to hear about him.

I think I learned a bit too much on this visit. Lots of ewwws and acks going on around here.

Renee said...

LOL Fred. Please. Your poor eyes have read MUCH worse on many previous visits to the 'Road :-)

Jen said...

So I finally got feedback/confirmation from my dad on what the psychic said. Turns out, he thinks (if he had to believe, LOL) that the "Ted" is my Grandpa, not uncle Ted (he was named for my Grandpa). But everything still fits, which is freaky (including the overdose, but that's a whole 'nother story). and I was VERY surprised that Dad was as open to it as he was.