Sunday, September 13, 2009

This about says it all

"I feel so miserable without you, it's almost like having you here." -Stephen Bishop


Renee said...

LOL. You poor, miserable thing :-)

Jen said...

LOL. Yeah. I'm still bummin' pretty hard. I guess it's realizing that everyone was right and he DIDN'T give a shit about me. That'll put a damper on your day, I do believe. ;) That quote did make me laugh, though.

Jen said...

And you know, I'm just so freakin' PISSED because I loved him unconditionally; I knew first hand and second hand and third hand for that matter that he was a liar and a cheater and a bastard, but I loved him ANYWAY because of the good I thought I saw. Yeah, I know, can you believe that I actually thought I saw glimpses of a truly good man in him? Ugh. I'm so retarded. This is my fatal flaw, I think, this whole loving blindly and unconditionally. I wish I were more of a hardass so this didn't sting so damn bad. But it's been a month, which is longer by FAR than we have ever ever gone, and it's so weird to have no idea what's going on his life (well, besides the general manwhoring around) or have him not know what's going on in mine. There are times my kids will say something or something will happen and it will be kind of like a knife to the heart because it's exactly the kind of story that normally he would have loved to hear, and for a minute I get excited to share it with him and then I'm like, oh wait, I can't, BECAUSE HE'S A GIANT FUCKFACE.

And don't get me wrong, my life is going on just fine, Im not moping around for him or anything....except that there's always this weird little empty spot in my heart, and sometimes it hurts to breathe, and I miss my BFF.

But other than that, I'm fine. And you know what? He DID make me miserable so often while he WAS around. Because when he wasn't being a great friend to me--and he could be, believe it or not--well, he was generally being a selfish dick. So that quote IS true. I was miserable with him, and now I'm miserable without him. And really, which one is worse?

anna said...

lol - nice quote!
True dat, homie, true dat.