Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random stuff

I had MY site visit yesterday (when someone from the company, whether it's an admin at another school, a fellow teacher from a sister school, someone from corporate, etc comes in and evaluates me); it went well but at this point, it's mostly because I'm ON the site visit team, so I know what they're looking for and I can deliver. (No, Nee, that doesn't mean BJs. LOL.)

Tomorrow, I'm GOING on a site visit (and it's at Mrs A's new school, so I'm mostly just glad to be able to see her again). I might be a bitch but I love walking into a teacher's classroom all poker-faced and seeing them go all nervous, LOL. If only they knew I was pulling this shit out of my ass myself.... but anyway, it's good face-time with people higher up in the company so whatev.

And then when I'm done, it's OFFICIALLY the start of a 4-day weekend. We have Friday off AND Monday....holla! It sounds as though some people will be hanging out here at random points during the weekend, so I'll be busy. I should, however, be able to schedule some pool time as well. ;)

Good times, my friends. Good times.

Oh--and did I tell you that I'm going to take violin lessons again? I worked out a deal with the music teacher at our school (again, no BJs), so I get to learn at an incredibly cheap rate. Plus, I'm trying to channel some shit I'm working through into a POSITIVE activity. I AM SO EXCITED. I'm getting my violin this weekend. (It's like $15 a month. Totally worth it....but we'll see how long this whole kick lasts, LOL. Either I'll be bored in a week or I'll go on to become a violin prodigy....there's really no halfway point with me).


Renee said...

Bummer that nobody get a BJ out of any of this. That's fine. I'll deliver on your behalf ;-)

Good job on your site visit, and have fun on the one you're going on today! You horrible bitch :-)

Oooh, a four-day weekend! ENJOY! Awww, you guys are hosting a little shindig? How domestic and Martha-like of you :-) Are you guys, like, making food and stuff? I'm hosting book club on Monday and my favorite part is figuring out what food and drink I'm gonna make. I know. Gay. You love me for it, though :-)

I'm excited to hear more about the violin adventure, LOL. I think Santa might bring Brent a guitar and lessons this year... if I can talk John into it :-)

Jen said...

I saw my beloved Mrs. A today.

First thing she did was ask how Shawn was doing.

I kicked her in the head.

Jen said...

PS, no Martha Gayart (LOLOLOL--maybe that's only funny cuz I've had a few drinks but I think it's hysterical), we're not, like, HOSTING. People are coming over. We're hanging out. They will probably bring booze.

Shit. We have nothing to offer them, food wise. I didn't even think of that. Oooh, I can whip up some ramen noodles and mac and cheese. ;) Well, my new man friend is coming, so now I'll HAVE to think of something...I have to make him think I'm domestic. ;) And classy. Both quite impossible to sell, I think. LOL. I'll run out and get something tomorrow, I guess.

Renee said...

LOLOLOL. No, it's funny even if one is stone cold sober :-)

The fluffy guy???? OMG. How exciting :-) Hahahaha. I was joking about the food. I'm sure they expect nothing more than a few munchies. But if you have a crock pot, you could make some queso dip for tortilla chips. Just velveeta cheese and salsa melted together; you can't fuck it up :-)

How is Mrs. A doing, other than wondering about fucktard? Did you get to spend much time with her? Probably not much, if you kicked her in the head ;-)

Jen said...

I didn't get to talk to her too much. She was going into the Middle School meeting and I was going to HS, since those were the teachers I observed. She just had time for her Shawn drive-by and yelling something about dinner. LOL