Saturday, August 08, 2009

Plot twist

After 16 years of desire for cigarettes is gone.

No patches, no pills, no gum, nothing. I just don't want to smoke anymore. It's been like this since I got back to Florida.

(This does NOT, of course, count Thursday night, when I was out with my friends. I'm talking about my day-to-day, regular life.)

Is it because I was finally ready to quit? Because I actually WANT to stop this time? Is my body just "smoked out"? Or is this some weird temporary glitch?

All I know is that in the last week, I've only smoked once, when I was out at Shoeless Joes. And it hasn't even been HARD.

Please, please, PLEASE let this be it. PLEASE let me be done smoking. Please let this sudden strength and willpower I feel now to still be here a a month.


Renee said...

Wow!! I hope that feeling lasts for you, too. Very strange, huh? I wonder why, too. But don't question it, just go with it :-) You rock!

Kishelle said...

So cool. I agree with Renee - just go wtih it! Keep up hte great work.

Jen said...

It was a little harder last night but not so bad that I was even a little tempted to go buy some.

We'll see how this week goes.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that my prayers have finally been answered?

anna said...

Something about the idea of you being "Smoked Out" makse me giggle. It seems like a Cheech & Chong "Dude, I'm smoked out!" kind of thing ;)

I do hope you're all smoked out, dude. :)