Thursday, August 13, 2009

A few pics from Katey's wedding

There are tons more; if anyone wants the link to view the rest, let me know.

**Note: This post took me two hours and the spacing STILL isn't right. Screw it, I'm done.**

**Note 2: After typing THAT, I worked on it for another 40 minutes.**

The whole family (including Nick's son from a previous relationship)

The oldest holding the youngest

My now-infamous delivery of the rings (the look on Steve's face is hysterical)

Why does Savannah look like she's about to kick some Flower Ass?

Katey and Nick with my grandparents (it was Grandpa who performed the ceremony). I really wish my other grandparents had been able to be there.

And finally, the bride with her parents: Mom and Steve and then Mom and Dad.


anna said...

Great pics! Katey looks Beautiful - the whole family does! Where did she have the wedding - it looks like a pretty place. I'd love the link to see more pics!

Jen said...

It's called Frederick Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids--sending you the link now

Renee said...

The second one you posted, of Katey kind of in profile, was one of my favorites. Love it! And I didn't notice the look on Steve's face before you pointed it out, LOLOLOLOL!

Jen said...

And we've always said Paige was gonna be a knockout, but holy crap. She's thinned out and lost her baby fat, she'll probably be taller than me by the time I go home for Christmas, she's got that beautiful, naturally darker skin tone, her eyes are still that greenish-blue....dangerous, my friend.

Jen said...

BTW Renee, any time I was over at their house, Paige had her nose buried in a *Babysitters Club* book. (#99!!). I even picked it up and read it for a few minutes to see what was up with Stacey and the gang. =-) It's so funny--I actually trained myself to make my handwriting look like Stacey's--it was so bad that I had teach myself to write "normally" when I went back to school to become a teacher, since I was still making me e's and s's like her. LOLOL Did anyone else read the BSC books?

Renee said...

Yes, Paige is already a knockout at what, 12? They may need to lock her up til she's 20 or something :-)

#99?! That's crazy! Oh, those books were SO GOOD! And now I'm also reminiscing about Sweet Valley Twins and then Sweet Valley High... was it Elizabeth and Jessica? With their eyes the color of the ocean? LOL.

Jen said...

And their golden tan and light blonde hair? LOLOL