Sunday, August 02, 2009

Wedding daze

It's over!! OMG, for those of you who have gotten married, I don't know how you did it without going insane. Planning a wedding SUCKS. And this was just a SMALL one, too, with family. Larger, more involved weddings?! I shudder, literally SHUDDER, at the thought. I never want to get married. No, wait. I never want a WEDDING. Vegas, baby, Vegas. And I must have been HIGH to even have THOUGHT about this as a career. Shoot. Give me a classroom full of "P.'s" ANYDAY. LOL.

Anyway, enough about me. ;)

The ceremony was beautiful, and all of the kids (aka half of the wedding guests) were very well behaved. I did send Tyler, the ring bearer, down the aisle without the ring pillow, so I improvised--*I* grabbed the pillow and did my "bride walk" down to the front to hand it off to him. Katey didn't find out about this until afterwards, of course, but I hope she sees the humor in it when viewing the pictures later (and especially the wedding video, which undoubtedly captured my "Shit! Shit! SHIT!!!" when I realized that I had sent Tyler flying solo).

Everything else went very smoothly, though. We had 2 seats right up front reserved for Dad's parents, who just passed in the last couple of years (it kills me that they couldn't have been here for this). Before the ceremony, I explained to Dad that we were using the roses to "save" the seats for Grandma and Grandpa. He leaned over to me and whispered, "I don't think they're going to show up." That's how we deal with sadness and emotion in my family, but it did make me laugh. (It didn't stop me from getting misty during the ceremony when my other grandpa, who was conducting the ceremony, said a few words about them and offered a prayer and moment of silence in their memory. And even though Dad isn't an outwardly sentimental guy, I know it meant a lot to him that we remembered them.)

Grandma read a chapter from the Bible and ended up blubbering so hard that she could barely finish it. That was the only time that *I* actually cried during the ceremony. The unity candle, the exchanging of the vows and rings--everything went very smoothly. And Katy, as much as it pains me to admit it, looked beautiful. ;)

So...there you have it. My little sister is officially married.


Renee said...

A couple phone conversations and a blog post and I STILL haven't heard a word about the cupcakes. Were they beautiful and delicious? I hope there are pictures; I want to see them!

Renee said...

Oh, and re: wedding planning. Yeah. I kinda wish I could do mine all over again because there are so many things I'd do differently. But it was stressful to plan it. And I was only 20-21 when planning the thing. AND I wasn't one of those girls who ever even THOUGHT about what I'd want when I got married, so I had no clue and I just kinda went with the first thing that was available, on all aspects. Except for the husband ;-)

HOWEVER. You pretty much had to plan a wedding in two weeks. And you pulled it off! Just think how much smoother it would have been had you had, oh, I dunno, six months to a year to get all of that done. I still think you'd be good at it. Your mom told me on the phone Saturday morning that you'd done a wonderful job and she doesn't know what they would have done had you not "stepped up to the plate" :-)

Kishelle said...

PICTURES PLEASE :)> glad all went well .I would NEVER want to be a wedding planner,mine was enough. It is different when it is your own though. you get to pick whatever you want and then set back the day of and let everyone do the work :).

Jen said...

Oh, yeah: the cupcakes WERE great. They were huge, too. They were a big hit. The kids were all salivating over them at dinner. They rushed through their food so they could have one, and then they were pissed when they realized they still had to wait for all of us slow-ass grownups to finish, too. LOL

Hey! The comments section has spellcheck now, too. Is that new? Does that happen for you guys?

anna said...

Yes, planning a wedding is crazy. I'm glad Katey's went well. I want to see pics, too!