Monday, August 03, 2009

For once, I DON'T have any baggage

As most of you know from panicked phone calls and/or Facebook, United lost my suitcase last night. This is a quick recap of my travel adventures on Sunday:

1) Got to the GR airport at 3 for a 4 pm flight. Found out flight was delayed until 5:45.

2) Spent the delay "cougaring" this adorable, Zac Efron-lookalike, 17-year-old high school senior. We hung out the entire time (except when I had to leave him to get a drink because he wasn't old enough to be in the bar, LOL).

3) Landed in Chicago at the exact same time my connecting flight was boarding. Had to run through the airport to make the flight. Was pissed because I had never been in O'Hare and had actually been looking forward to exploring it.

4) Arrived in Fort Myers, on schedule, at 9:45 pm. Welcome home, Jenny!

5)....Except that my suitcase hadn't made the journey with me. While my ride, Mike, waited patiently outside, I filed the paperwork on my MIA bag, along with EIGHT OTHER PEOPLE whose bags were also missing.

6) FINALLY made it out to the car. Realized on the way home that my cell phone was about to die...and my charger was in my bag.

7) 10 minutes later: realized my crazy pills were also in my bag.

8) Started digging for my house keys....and realized THEY WERE IN MY BAG. Along with my car keys.

9) Broke into my condo through my (unlocked) kitchen window (actually, Mike did it for me). My lax security measures saved my ass this time, my friends!

10) Got inside, looked around, and realized Brad had apparently been in town long enough to throw a wild party...but not long enough to clean up afterwards. (Okay, it wasn't THAT bad, but the kitchen was a mess and there were beer bottles and plates all over the living room.)

11) Wanted to cry. Mike suggested we go out for a drink instead.

So...yeah. That was my Sunday. The good news is that my bag HAS been located; delivery should be tomorrow.

Let's just hope my keys are in there.


Kishelle said...

Oh HOney, that is terrible. I mean you wnated to see a close up of Ohare, not just the outside ;). Glad you are getting your stuff, but what a bad day. UGH!! always carrie your keys with you in your purse girl...

Jen said...

On the plus side, I get a $100 voucher to use towards my next ticket if I fly with them again. So that will come in handy at Christmas.

and yes, I'm really posting this at 345 am. Cannot sleep. Think it's because I don't have my meds. Hope I'm not going all crazy. And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to build a car from toothpicks. ;)

Nik said...

I realize that this post was made after you calmed down from this whole ordeal, but your sense of humor about it all cracks me up. Glad they found your bags and order should be restored soon. Glad you're home safe, sucks I didn't get to spend more time w/ ya while you were here.

anna said...

OMG! That All Sucks!

Air travel service is non-existant.