Saturday, August 15, 2009

I don't even know

I had the oddest, most random dream about LCB last night (yes, we still hang out and yes, he's still with the byaaatch). Anyway, in the dream, we were emailing back and forth while he was at work. In one of the emails, he mentioned that he was worried about a friend of his, who had suddenly become pretty sick.

"She's 85 and a tough old bird," he wrote. "I know she's got a lot of spunk and she'll be just fine. Still, I'm thinking about going to visit her."

I replied and told him that I hoped his friend would be okay.

"If you promise to wear something nice and say hi to my mom, you can come with me this afternoon to visit her," he wrote back. "We're going to the Naples Zoo. She's a zebra."


Why did LCB have a "friend" who was a zebra? Why was there apparently a dress code for the zoo? Why was he afraid that I would offend his mother by NOT greeting her? I LOVE his mom! And most importantly, what's with his uber-gay use of the phrase "tough old bird"?

I don't know where any of this came from. So, I went to my trusty online dream dictionary to look up a couple of the key words and symbols to see if they can shed some light on the possible hidden meaning of my dream. What is my subconscious trying to tell me? Let's find out together...

ZEBRA: To see a zebra in your dream, represents perfect balance, unity, harmony, and the attraction of opposites. Alternatively, it signifies that you are spending too much time in trivial and varying matters. You need to establish a mindset and lay your groundwork for some solid stability.
MY ANALYSIS: I'm not sure about this part. I can say that, during the last week, I've been spending a lot of time on the "little details" of my room and none whatsoever (so far) on things like lesson plans. Interesting.

ZOO: To dream that you are at a zoo, symbolizes loss of freedom. Your abilities and talents are going unnoticed. You or an aspect of your life feels caged in. The zoo may also represent chaos and confusion as implied by the common phrase "this place is a zoo!" You may need to tidy up some situation in your life.
MY ANALYSIS: Um, hello? "Loss of freedom" = end of summer and return to school! Not to mention that between unpacking and setting up my classroom AND packing my condo and getting ready to move at the end of the month, I have certainly been surrounded by chaos and confusion.

EMAIL: To dream about email, indicates that you need to reach out to people who may not necessarily always physically be around. It could also very well mean that you have been spending too much time in front of the computer and this has carried over into your dreams.
MY ANALYSIS: Since I've been working so much in my room, I certainly don't think I've been spending too much time online; however, having just returned from Michigan and spending 2 weeks with my family, this may be a subtle reminder to keep in touch with everyone now that I'm back to my regular, day-to-day life--especially my dad, who I don't talk to nearly enough.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a listing for "Shawn's mom". I did look up "mother," but the only choices were your OWN mother or mother-in-law. So I hope the fact that Shawn's mother was going to be at the zoo wasn't a crucial component of the dream, or the key to unlocking my psyche's life-altering message, LOL.

Gives me some food for thought, anyway.


Renee said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! You have the most vidid --and weird-- dreams of anyone I know :-)

I read this yesterday, before you added "MY ANALYSIS" and I was pretty much gonna say exactly what you said in regards to the zoo and email portions. Not sure about the zebra, but what you said about little details vs. lesson planning makes sense! Very strange, indeed :-)

Kishelle said...

I personally think this must mean that dreaming about animals just means that he is a PIG...I mean, a ok....yeah, a PIG! I mean a DOG! Oh. wait. A zoo animal, must be zebra could indicate a person with TWO different lives going on...I am sorry, my liver is mad at me right now. I have consumed alcohol, um, a lot this week (and some right now). Alcohol enhances my terets (I know that is not how to spell it but i can't think)syndrome (ok, how do you spell that word, shit). I can't help what i say. Ready for my boys to be home...

Jen said...

LOLOL. I like the zebra/2 different lives. Nice TOURETTES, Kish. ;) (Syndrome was right tho.)

anna said...

Wacky dream! I've always liked your dreams :)

I've been having some mildly disturbing dreams lately with funerals, work stuff, too many things to get to. Hopefully life will calm down a bit and my dreams will get back in line.