Saturday, January 03, 2009

You know you're getting old when...

* You realize that your favorite movie ever (Girls Just Want to Have Fun) came out 24 years ago.

* You've been best friends with the same person for 26 years.

* You start paying attention to Boniva commercials (if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's because osteoporisis is not yet on your radar. Bully for you).

* You use the phrase "bully for you".

* You refer to that 21-year-old across the street as a "nice kid."

* Your doctors are now younger than you.

* Your arthritis starts acting up in cold weather and on airplanes.

* Actually, the fact that you have arthritis at ALL.

* Spicy food gives you heartburn.

* Your joints pop when getting into various karate stances (not to mention various OTHER positions...)

* You start to think that some of the Golden Girls' outfits are actually kind of cute.

* You are now ENDING a night out at 10 pm, not beginning one.

* You get excited when their profile actually lists a COLOR under "hair," instead of "none"

These are all true stories, my friends.

Feel free to add your own.


Jen said...

You OFFER to show your ID to the bouncer at a bar and he says, "No, that's okay."

Jen said...

Your friends are now obsessively checking the mirror for the appearance of a new wrinkle, rathan than a new pimple.

Renee said...

John adds: when you go the gas station and the sign that gives the year you have to be born in/before to purchase alcohol is the year in which you graduated from high school. Yikes.

Also that you've been OUT of school for longer than you were IN school. He's old :-)

sparkydiva said...

well shit. i'm old. geethanks. a realization i didn't want with my morning coffee!

Jen said...

Oooh, good ones, John-via-Renee

Renee said...

wtf is "bully for you"? I've never heard that one. Guess I must still be a young'un :-)

My big one is that my sister is going to turn 30 this year. I sometimes still think of myself as 25-ish. How can she be turning 30 when I'm only 25? ;-) That one's a reality check. Or that Mimi is 25 (or will be this year, can't remember). I remember when my aunt was PREGNANT for her. That shouldn't be...

Also, I babysat a TON for the lady who does my mom's hair. Getting updates on her kids, who are married and having kids of their own, blows my MIND.

And I was ROTFLMAO over the Golden Girl comment. I so hope you were joking. OMG.

Kishelle said...

Shawn says the hair one is rude...since he is bald...
I personally laughed my butt off! I was thinking:

when kids start wearing stuff you use to wear when you were a kid, like jelly shoes and they don't realize it is all from the 80's.

Nik said...

SWEEEEET-- none of these apply to me. I'm still young. I might be 31 and have an old soul, but I'm definitely very young at heart. Sorry about you old people. hehehehe

sparkydiva said...

oh - you know you're old when you realize that if you get pregnant, you'd be considered 'advanced maternal age'


Jen said...


good one, Brandi!!!

anna said...

When you stay home for New Year's Eve and actually enjoy it. (Tim & I did that for the first time ever this year.)

The other ones that have gotten me lately are:
When you talk about mortgages with your friends.
When your friends agree that a mini van is a pretty swet ride.

Renee said...

a mini van *IS* a pretty sweet ride ;-)

Actuall, I love mine. And yes, I realize how uncool I am.

Jen said...

Hahahhaha the minivan one is good too

Renee said...

How about when your best friend's daughter turns SIXTEEEEEEEEN?

How is that even POSSIBLE?

Happy Birthday, A!

Jen said...

The easy listening station is now one of the presets on your car radio.

Renee said...

Hahahahahaha! That should NEVER happen, I don't care HOW old one gets :-)