Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I've been laying (lying?) awake in bed since 5:30 and I finally decided to get up. I'm not even GOING to the Ron Clark Academy (which we insiders like to call the RCA) until tomorrow--but I'm flying out today!!! Whoo hoo!! I should probably buy some sleeping pills because I'm going to be like a damn little kid tonight. Now you all know that I'm a champion sleeper-inner. Even on Christmas, my favorite day of the year, I sleep like a champ till 11 or so. I won't wake up this early again, giddy with anticipation, until 1) my wedding day or 2) I'm in labor, whichever comes first (and in this family, you never know).

It's kind of cool getting up so early, though. I have all this leisurely time to ENJOY my coffee. Watch the news. Eat breakfast. Finish packing (oh, hell. Who am I kidding? The people who know me the very best read this blog. START packing. I did, however, lay everything out last night).

Did I mention I'm going to see Ron Clark tomorrow?

I did some research on new karate dojos last night. I found one I really liked until I came across a news article posted JUST YESTERDAY that the owner had been arrested for molesting a teenage female student. Crap. So an hour or two of additional research later, and here's a strong second choice: http://www.kurokawakarate.cmasdirect.com/ The style is shito ryu, not too different from isshin ryu, in my vast experience. I'll check them out when I get home.

Did I mention that my younger sister is pregnant again? Yup, child #5. This is not necessarily great news as they're struggling with the ones they have, but whaddya gonna do. She just sent me a picture of what her kid looks like at week 22. (Yes, she's already THAT FAR along. Never mind the fact the WE just found out about 2 weeks ago.) So I leave you with the stock image of my developing niece. (And FYI, she's totally trying to steal my Baby Name: Lexie. It's not MY fault she's already used up ALL the other girl names. Leave me Lexie!!)

Have a great couple of days. I'll be thinking of you guys.

F' it. Scratch that. No, I won't. I'M OFF TO SEE RON CLARK!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

why does katy's baby look like it was dipped in bronze stuff?

anna said...

You're there right now! I can't wait to hear about it!

Anonymous said...

yay on the cigs!

keep it up!!

Fred said...

I need to stop by more often. I'm lost.

anna said...

Must have update!