Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Isn't "Fun Run" an oxymoron?

I sent this out as an email, but I wanted to post it up here, too, so I don't miss anyone. Plus, I don't have email addresses for some of you.

My school kickstarted a new fundraiser today, the Fun Run. This company comes out and sets up a track/course thing, and the kids collect pledges for every lap that they run. The teachers are the "Team Coaches" for their class (or team), there to motivate them, cheer them on, etc. Well, somehow our first "team meeting" took a horrible and tragic turn, and I somehow found myself agreeing to do the run WITH them.

So: I am asking if anyone out there would like to pledge me. The average # of laps is 30 (you have 30 minutes, but they're smaller laps--not like a real track or anything) and you're not allowed to go over 35 laps (so that would be the max--LOL. Yeah, cuz I can totally do that). You can pledge anything from 10 cents a lap (for an average total donation of about $3) to $1 a lap (for about $30)--or more, if you're feeling saucy.

The run is next Friday, I think, and you won't have to send in the money until we see how many laps I actually run (and I use the term "run" very loosely here).

I just want to set a good example for my kids and put my money where my mouth is. If they're going to do it, then--as it appears--so am I. If nothing else, the entertainment value alone should be priceless. I know you all wish you could be here for this event/spectacle.

As a special incentive, I'll email all donors a team photo.

Either way, wish me luck.


Jen said...

I already have a pledge for 0.60 a lap from an anonymous donor. Sweet!

Jen said...

Whoo hooo! $1 a lap from my dad, "with no payment iff'n you croak." LOL.

Renee said...

Anonymous donor? That's weird. LOL at Dad. And I just sent you an email saying I'll do $1/lap.

Forrest says "Run, Jen-nay, Run!"

Jen said...

Whoo hooo!!

I have 2 more, .50 a lap and .16 a lap.

Jen said...

I'm up to 8 pledges which total over $5 a lap. Whoot!

Nik said...

I so didn't get an email about this, but put me down for $15, whatever that equals lap-wise, k.

Jen said...

Sweet, thanks Nikki