Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy birthday, Amanda!

Today, my daughter turned 16.

I just talked to her for a while. I asked her if she felt any differently, and here was her answer (almost verbatim, because it was so funny that I tried really hard to remember it so I could share it with all of you):

"You know what, it's funny, 'cuz I do kind of feel different--like, older. 'Cuz before, if you're at a dance or something, and you're dancing with a guy, and he asks you how old you are, and you have to say 'I'm 15,' well, that's not that great. But NOW, if he asks me how old I am and I say 'I'm 16,' then now he'll be all like, 'Oh, REALLLLY? That's cool.' And I can be like, 'Yeah.' "


Nik said...

OMG, she is soooooo you! That's frickin funny. It blows my mind that she's the age you were when you had her. Hope she had an awesome birthday.

PS-- that quitmeter thing is pretty cool. Don't give up, woman!

Renee said...

Hahahahahaha! That's cute :-)

As I've said many times, unbelieveable that 16 years have gone by...

And I LOVE the quitmeter! Very cool. You can do it!

Kishelle said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA :) and how adorable is she!

anna said...

lol - That sounds dangerous! ;)

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Amanda!

And way to make it over a day since your last cigarette!

Renee said...

Look at you go on the Quitmeter!!

May I suggest putting the money you're saving into a savings account? I know your finances are in disarray, but if you were still smoking, you wouldn't have that extra money anyway, so it's kind of "found" money. Like, at the end of a week, put what you've saved into a savings account. You'll be surprised by how much it grows!

I've just recently started doing something similar-- at the bottom of your receipts from pretty much everywhere, it tells you how much you saved, either in coupons or sale items or with your store value card or whatever. Transfer THAT amount from your checking into your savings account. You'll never miss it! And this way, you're actually SAVING it. If it stays in the checking account, it'll get spent and therefore hasn't really been "saved" :-)