Friday, January 02, 2009

Billy Blanks don't play

For those of you who would like to lose weight, exercise more or just improve your general health in 2009, you need to go buy Billy Blanks' Tae Bo Total Body Fat Blaster--right now *.

Several years ago, when I first lost all that weight (about 30 lbs, if I remember correctly), a large part of that was due to tae bo. I've tried many at-home fitness videos, and that was the only one I ever stuck with. It about killed me at first, too. I started with the beginning video and I remember only making it through the first 15 minutes. I hung in there, though, and when I was able to complete the entire beginning workout in a respectable amount of time, I moved on to the advanced workout--and had to start all over again.

I was in WalMart the other day and saw the Fat Blasting DVD. I've lost about 15 pounds in the last few months, but--with about 7-10 lbs to go--I feel like I've hit that plateau. I'm still walking 3-5 times a week, but I've been doing that for so long that I absolutely need to shake things up again. Not to mention the fact that I need to combat the almost-inevitable weight gain that often comes with quitting smoking. Enter Billy Blanks.

I just used the DVD for the first time and, once again, I only made it through the first 15 minutes before I was dripping with sweat and about to collapse on the ground. I am so excited to start my tae bo regimine again. Tae Bo is great because it's actually FUN--plus, he changes up the various exercises so often that you can't get bored. One word of warning: the people in the DVD look so damn strong and badass doing these moves, and you WILL feel (and, chances are, LOOK) like a straight-up jackass when you first start. (I refuse to do the workout unless I'm home alone.)

Trust me, though: I know it'll be totally worth it.


* You can get it used on Amazon for about $4 for the DVD, plus shipping--an amazing deal.


sparkydiva said...

oh HELLS no. billy blanks = pain. i'd rather go to marine corps boot camp.

Renee said...

Hahahahaha :-)

I've got to start exercising again. It took the WAAAAAAAY back seat the last few months and it's noticeable. Ugh. I have SO MANY videos that I never even use, but I've still been tempted to give ol' Billy a whirl. I guess I could get a $4 on Amazon and not feel TOO guilty... how much was it at WalMart? Not that I'll step foot in that store, but it'd be about the same at Target :-)

Ooh, and tomorrow John is setting up the Christmas gift from my parents- it's called CycleOps and it's an apparatus to put my bike on that'll make it stationary. It's gonna be awesome for the winter!

Jen said...

Oh, I totally got screwed. It was like $14.99. Still worth it, of course, but it woulda been way cheaper at Amazon

anna said...

I remember when you did that! I also remember you were so sore you could hardly move afterwards. ;)

I was thinking I should be doing some sort of exercise to prepare me for the biggest, baddest workout of my life coming up in April, since I pretty much haven't exercised since August.

Renee said...

I bought one at Target this afternoon. It was $14.99 there, too, but I don't care. I'll try it out tomorrow. If you don't hear from me, I died while trying :-)

Jen said...

Good luck Nee!

Anna, yes, they DO say that labor is much, MUCH easier when you've been working out and stuff during my pregnancy. Obviously, no aerobics classes or anything, but walking even can help. Just make sure it's good with your doc.