Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just go with me here

Today in science, we were talking about communities and populations. In scientific terms, a community is a particular area (forest, pond, ocean, whatever) and populations are the groups of living creatures that live in that community (squirrels, fish, dolphins, etc).

As I was teaching this concept, I drew an ocean on the board. Now, if you've never seen me draw, you should know that I still have the same artistic ability as I did as a first grader--so my "ocean" consisted of a series of wavy lines. Then I had to draw the populations that lived in that ocean. I managed a decent starfish (which I chose due solely to the fact that it IS easy to draw), a banana (aka a dolphin) and a shark (which looked more like a goldfish cracker). As the kids mocked my artwork, I kept saying the same thing, something I repeat EVERY time class instruction requires--unfortunately--drawings: "Just go with me here." (As in, "that's a DOLPHIN?")

Next, I attempted a forest. Now, I can do an okay tree. "How about a bird?" a student suggested.

Hey, great idea! I can TOTALLY draw a bird. (You know, a "W" up in the sky.)

And after that, the little sh*ts just started messing with me.

"A rabbit?" came the next idea.

I added a "rabbit."

"A squirrel!!" said someone else.

That one gave me pause. I thought for a minute, and then added the saddest-looking squirrel you've ever seen.

"A deer!"

Crap. I added my deer.

It was when I heard "a beaver!" that I realized what they were doing. They were purposely choosing animals that they knew I'd have a hard time drawing.

And I have to tell you, as I looked at my "forest," I had to laugh along with them.


Anonymous said...

can you please take a picture of your "forest" and post it on the blog? this is gots to see.

Renee said...

I bet it's been erased by now, but I was hoping for a pic, too!

Jen said...

I will recreate it for you.

Nik said...

Sweeet, can't wait to see this. Your "kids" have such an awesome sense of humor.

BTW, up to 4 days on the quitmeter. KICK ASS!!! Keep it up, WORD!

Jen said...

The quitmeter has been reset. But at least it keeps resetting.