Sunday, May 04, 2008

Checking in

After an "are you alive?" email from Renee, I figured I'd better write a quick post. Things are great, I've just been crazy busy with work and school. (I, of course, procrastinated on this class I'm taking, and now I have to get everything done by May 15.) Today, Shawn took me out to Sanibel and Captiva islands (the ritzy islands right off Ft. Myers--SO incredibly beautiful). We had a bonding day (and night--and no, I don't mean that in the dirty way). Things are really going well. He started making little comments EMPLOYING the L word, such as, "You know what I love the most about you?" Shit like that. So we'll see how it goes. We're coming up on four months--whoo hooo!

All in all, I'm okay. Getting VERY tired and counting down to the end of school (5 weeks).

My crazy doc put me on a new med that's not supposed to have any weight gain the way lithium did, but it's making me break out like crazy. Of course, so did lithium at first so I'm trying to at least give it a chance. No change in weight yet, because I'm still on the lithium (I have to kind of wean off of that). I really did like the lith., though. I mean, hell, it kept me episode-free for almost a full year. This new stuff was making me a little bitchy this week, but I went online and most people also say that that goes away after a while, too (they call it "breakthrough irritability").

So yeah, lots going on. =-)

Oh, and for those who haven't seen on the other blog--Carolicious is pregnant again! Pretty cool.

May is SUCH a big month. New Kids performing on the Today show, Sex and the City movie, my field trip to Busch Gardens.....lots of good stuff coming up.


JH said...

I wish that I could blame my weekly bitchiness on 'breakthrough irritability' but no - it turns out just about once a week, I am a bitch.

As for Sex in the City - I'm excited.

Renee said...

LOL, jh :-)

Jen, I'm glad you're alive and well and had such a fun day/night with Shawn. Sounds like things are going well!

Anna said...

Great update!
I'm happy to hear things are going well with the boy.
Thanks for sharing Carolicious' exciting news! I love following her entertaining life :)
I'm super excited to see Sex in the City! Maybe we should a viewing of it at our girl's weekend...
lol jh - ditto, except it's not just once a week ;)