Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fun stuff

"As we cruise down the highway of life we come across many metaphorical destinations, some good some bad. Our individual personalities lead us all down a different path. Let this magical personality test tell you where you are headed! Just punch in your name and soon you will be rolling past the roadsign of your life. Don't forget to drive carefully!"

Jennifer Highway
Lake Love9
Bewilderment Avenue21
Tower of Commitment33
Bog of Eternal Marriage105
Family Farm279
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?



Fred said...

My sign had the family farm 8 miles away. The Wealthville exit was 519 miles.

I need a new sign.

Renee said...

Renee HighwayPaintown 6
Fame City 15
Lake Love 66
Dumpsville 150
Loony-Bin Lane 479
Please Drive Carefully

What's up with Dumpsville?! At least I know the loony bin in further down the road than some may think ;-)

Nik said...

Ha- Jen this was a pretty cool little thing.

Nicole Highway
Loony-Bin Lane 4
Confusion Lane 21
Study Hall 58
Tower of Commitment 106
Paintown 495
Please Drive Carefully

Not sure about my results though. Looks like I'm on a pretty jacked-up highway. Loony-bin and confusion in the 1st 25 miles, sweeet!

Jen said...

Shit, Nik--with our family, isn't the loony bin kind of a given at this point? LOL

Renee said...

I'm not even RELATED, and the Loony Bin is in my future, too! I guess I need to stop drinking the water at Deb's house, lest I get knocked up and locked up, LOL!

Nik said...

But, I always kinda thought I defied the odds in our family. I mean hell, I made it to 30 and am still childless. hehehe

Renee said...

LOL. True. I guess you can't defy BOTH, right? ;-)