Monday, April 28, 2008

Say a little prayer

Tuesday night is our school roller skating party. Yes, it's true. After being foiled from an earlier attempt at skating by my Easter flu, I'm finally getting a chance to bust out my Brittney Spears skates and skate with "my kids."

They don't believe that Miss K. can skate. I keep telling them that I've been skating since before they were born. I kept the fact that I've actually GONE skating once since junior high to myself.

Expect a full report on Tuesday evening. If you don't hear from me, I am probably in a full-body cast.


Anna said...

I can't wait to hear all about it!

Nik said...

I'll be impatiently waiting for this story. What makes it even better is the fact that you'll be rockin your Britney skates.

Fred said...

Pictures! Pictures! Get a few of you after taking a major dive. :)

Nik said...

Are you gonna post skating story here, too? Or is the email where I respond?

Jen said...

Here was the email I sent out, for those who didn't get it and still give a shit. =-)

I'd better hurry up and type this much-awaited report, as my muscles are
> already starting to tighten up.
> Tonight was the 1st annual Six Mile skating party. Believe it or not, this
> whole thing actually stemmed from the night I was going to crash my kids'
> weekly Friday skating night. I was telling one of my parents, who also
> happens to be the PTO president, about my devious plan to mortify my
> students by showing up at one of their regular Friday night skating sessions
> (and bring a whole bunch of other teachers with me). When she realized just
> how many of our students go skating on a regular basis, she said, "You know,
> that would be a great fundraiser"....and tonight was born.
> And I'm proud to announce that I didn't fall at all. At least, not that
> COUNTED. See, this rink was designed by morons who decided that the actual
> skating floor would be surrounded by a raised "stage," sort of--so that you
> have a huge step every time you leave or enter the skating floor. I knew I
> wouldn't be able to master this large step down--I was barely able to handle
> a horizontal, flat surface-- so I decided the best way to enter the floor
> for my first time would be to sit DOWN on the step/stage thing and then
> enter the floor from a sitting position. So, I gracefully lowered myself
> into a controlled fall.
> Except that halfway down it stopped being controlled.
> And I took 2 first-graders--innocent bystanders, really--down with me.
> And this was in front of the principal, vice principal, dean of students, 3
> teachers and a group of parents.
> The kids assured me, though, that any falls within the first 5 minutes of
> skating don't count, as you're just getting your bearings.
> So like I said, I didn't fall at all.
> That didn't stop me, however, from taking out THREE OTHER KIDS (in addition
> to the first 2) during the course of the night. Again, not my fault. One
> girl tripped over my super-cool Brittney Spears skates. One boy didn't see
> me stop, ran right into me and bounced off of me like I was the freakin'
> Rock of Gilbraltor. I'm still not sure how the 3rd girl fell. All I know is
> that she was giving me really dirty looks as she picked herself up and
> skated off.
> All things considered, I had a GREAT time.