Saturday, May 10, 2008


In honor of stimulating the economy (Go USA!), I used part of my bonus check buying some new perfume. (As many of you know, I'll skimp on clothes--Penney's is about as "high brow" as I get--but perfume is where I like to splurge.) I had been wearing a lot of Ralph Lauren's Rocks and also his Romance (I highly recommend the former if you like fruity scents, as I do). Still, I wanted something new for the summer and I had the cash to do it. So I swung by the perfume counter at Saks' Fifth Avenue. (Why there? Because I had never done so in my life. MAN, it's fancy in there.)

After testing several different scents (including something by Cartier, which made me nervous just holding the scent strip), I finally settled on Dolce and Gabbana's Light Blue, which I had remembered smelling in Cosmo and had made a mental note of. (However, they put a sample of Bright Crystal by Versace in my bag and holy shit, that stuff is damn good too.) They were really nice to me there; still, Saks' is the kind of place that can make you feel ghetto for "only" spending $68 on perfume (I DID get the set with the lotion...what more do they want? LOL).

My point? I was just wondering what perfumes you all wear. Do you have one you've stuck with over the years or do change about once a year like I do? What scents do you recommend?


Renee said...

I don't like perfume. I used to wear Escape, obviously a long time ago :-) I have a body spray from Victoria's Secret that I wear once in a while... that pink fruity stuff that I think we got during girl weekend in DEtroit.

But wearing actual perfume gives me a headache and itchy nose and eyes. "They" say people can't be allergic to perfume (I read that in Cosmo once), but I beg to differ. There are so many chemicals in them, I'm sure something in there could cause an allergic reaction. And just walking PAST perfume counters in department stores makes me lightheaded and pukey. So I guess I can't play this game :-)

sparkydiva said...

i wear juicy couture and some stuff from bath and body, also strawberries and champagne from VS, but my new fave is 'daisy' by marc jacobs - it smells SO good. {and the bottle is super cute}

keesh said...

oh, I LOVE that perfume Jen, good choice! i too have only smelled it in the magazine...damn it ;).
what I wear is Dream Angels from Victorias Secret, it reminds me of my wedding day, I also wear Jewel from Avon, I love Brown Sugar from Beauty Control, bath and body scents, and some fruity stuff from VS as well...My splurge was Chanel, ok, not my splurge, someone gave it to me because they hated it, but I like it. it is kind of strong though...but damn, you did good you Ghetto teacher you :).

Fred said...

The Missus will wear Ciara when we go out for a special occasion.

I wear sweat when I'm doing yard work.

sparkydiva said... me some fred

Renee said...

LOL, Fred :-)

Anna said...

I used to wear Clinique Happy but don't really anymore. I use Bath & Bodywork's Sweet Pea body spray. Sometimes I'll wear a little Crab Tree & Evelyn Rosewater.

This is a good topic because I'd like to find a nwe perfume. Good one, Jen!

Anna said...

Renee, I know other people who are allergic to perfume. Too much of a strong scent makes my big, strong, 250 lb Dad pass out. I believe you even if Cosmo doesn't!

I love it when Tim wear's Clinique's Happy for Men. There is something in that cologne that makes me crazy. It's also in Aqua Dizio (sp?).

Nik said...

I can't wear perfume, it gives me a headache after awhile, but there is some really good smelling stuff out there. As far as perfume goes, Missy wears some really awesome smelling stuff. I think she uses Happy, Poison, and one other kind that's kinda like Poison, but it smells better. I wish I could tolerate the smells, cuz perfume rocks.
As for cologne, my faves are Hugo Boss, Polo Sport, and Kenneth COle Black.

Renee said...

Nik and I just use our super-powerful pheromones to drag in the guys. We don't need perfume ;-)

I like a lot of them, too, and it doesn't usually bother me on other people; *I* just can't wear it. My sister wears Rapture from VS and it smells REALLY good, but it makes me sneeze non-stop, so she wears her BBW apple body spray instead when she's with me.

But yeah, there a lot of good ones out there, and I wish I could wear them. I've read a lot lately about how having a signature scent makes you more confident and you're perceived as more confident by people who sniff you :-)

Anna said...

That's interesting about the signature scent creating confidence thing, Renee.

I do love it when I pass by and smell someone nice. It kind of puts a smile on my face.

Anonymous said...


It didn't occur to you to use it for bills?