Monday, May 05, 2008

The devil wears JC Penney

My face is burned today--which, oddly, is highlighting two symmetrical bumps I have on my forehead (I have a lumpy head--what can I say). No one has ever said anything about it in my 2 years of teaching--but today, I had several students ask what happened to my head and how I got those "knots". The redness must be reflecting light or some crap.

Anyway, today in class, someone else mentioned it again. I explained that no, I didn't bump my head, I just had these 2 lumps and yes, I happened to have one on each side.

And X., the little shit, leans over to his neighbor and stage-whispers,

"I think that is where the horns grow."

Perhaps I should have gotten on him for being disrespectful, but I have to tell you, I howled just as loud as the rest of the class. It was funny enough to start with, and hearing it in his adorable accent just made it even more hilarious. (In all fairness, although I do have a soft spot for him, I WOULD have laughed even if it had come from another student.)


Fred said...

My favorite is when the kids make fun of another student or teacher and I have to immediately turn around because I'm smiling so much. Of course, I then I have to tell them it's not appropriate while secretly hoping I hear more dirt.

Makes me wonder what they say about me in another class.

Jen said...

Oh, I know! Sometimes they'll get a really good "burn" off on another kid and inside I'm thinking "Dang, that was GOOD" but I have to put on my disapproving look

Nik said...

High fivin X on this. For a kid who's still learning English, that's a damn good burn and perfectly timed. Too funny! I want to meet this kid.

Anna said...

Funny, I never noticed your horn bumps...

Jen said...

Nik: yeah, it's amazing what TV can do. LOL

Anna: you have to see my sunburned I guess ;)

I really do have a lumpy forehead though. Hell, a lumpy HEAD

Renee said...

LOLOLOL! I love that kid. And as Nik said, for still learning the language, that's a pretty good one!