Sunday, May 11, 2008

Oops, I did it again

Just a few minutes ago, a burning smell once again permeated our condo.

The process was similar to the Great Electrocuted Fish fiasco from a couple of weeks ago. Brad and I met in the hallway, saying "What the hell IS that smell?" Then we split up and began sniffing like bloodhounds, trying to figure out what was on fire THIS time.

I found it. In the kitchen. In the dishwasher, to be exact.

I found THESE piled on the bottom of the dishwasher. (Turn your head. I still don't know how to rotate pics on here.)

"What the f---?" he asked, looking at me? (Dishes are my job. Garbage is his.)

"I've been washing them," I explained. "To save money."

(What's even funnier is that I've only been washing a couple at a time, so these have been piling up for several months before they finally started melting.)

I peeked up at him. He looked incredulous.

"You'll spend $20 on a hairbrush but you re-use plastic silverware?! A-dollar-a-box plastic CUTLERY?"

I nodded and looked down at the floor. I tried to look cute.

It must have worked, because he started laughing until tears came to his eyes. "You're a freak," he said.

"Do you want to reuse these?" I called as he walked away.

I am SO Polish.


Renee said...

LOLOLOL. Ghetto ass. Don't either of you have REAL silverware? THAT would be a way to save money. They don't melt and you only have to buy them once, and guess what? You can re-wash them millions of times! LOL. If you insist on reusing plastic shit, maybe you should wash them in the sink from now on. LOLOLOL. I bet it still smells like melted plastic in your apartment.

Jen said...

Hahhhahhahhaha that is pretty ghetto.

We have some real stuff. Just not a lot. Perhaps it's time to invest

sparkydiva said...


Nik said...

Jen-- you can buy cheap, real silverware from dollar stores now. Since you're so concerned with saving money.

You've done many goofy things, but this is one of the best. I would have loved to see your roommates face. I can't stop laughing.

Anna said...

LOL!!! You are so Polish, lolol...

Fred said...

All righty then, Jen. Nerdy Fred to the rescue with the picture as it should be. The universe is now a better place.

Time for you to take out the garbage.