Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So we finally watched The Prestige last night. This was Shawn's Netflix pic about two rival magicians. (The "prestige", incidentally, refers to the final part of a magician's trick, the "wow" moment. Sound intersting? Yeah, not to me either.)

Let's just put it this way. After the big, climatic ending, as the final credits rolled, we sat in silence for a minute. Then I turned to him and, very succintly, summarized my feelings on the movie:


Then, to clarify, I added: "What the fuck just happened?"

He sat there for a minute, formulating his thoughtful, insightful, explanation.

"I have no fucking idea," he finally answered.

So there you have it. Yes, there were parts of the movie that were cool, interesting, attention-holding, dramatic, etc. Due to a tragedy early in the movie, they basically hated each other, and spent their whole careers not just stealing each other's tricks to ruin their rival's shows, but, as it escalated, to trying to take each's lives. It was an interesting premise. However, we should have known we were in trouble when we had to stop and replay the movie from the beginning about 3 minutes in--because we were already lost.

He said he'd try to get online today to the message boards and find some kind of explanation or summary of the ending--because so many things happened that we were absolutely clueless.


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you just summed up my first marriage. :) and subsequent divorce

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