Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My friend, the author.

I'm proud to announce that Lori, my best Angel friend, is now a published author. If you have any preteen or young teen book lovers on your Christmas list, I highly suggest checking out Gettysburg Adventure: Ghost on the Battlefield by Lori Bakewell (see below for the plot summary). You can get it online at amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com (and both sites usually have free shipping on orders over $25--so buy two!).

This brilliant and engaging story is a great way to get kids interested in and learning about history. As one reviewer noted, "Ghost on the Battlefield blends adventure with history in such a way that children will not even know they're learning about their country's past."

Here is the official plot summary from www.loribakewell.com:

"Kat Rogers is not enthusiastic about leaving her friends and missing ninth grade to be homeschooled on a year-long road trip with her family. She is also not happy about spending time in a confined RV with her younger brother, Brian. History is dull and battlefields are boring, until she sees a figure at the Gettysburg battlefield who captures her attention. He could be a young man dressed up to entertain visitors, except that she can see through him. Once Kat realizes that this Confederate soldier needs her help, she discovers that history isn’t dull and battlefields can be interesting places. With the assistance of Brian and an eccentric lady from town, Kat works to resolve unanswered questions and free the ghostly Will from his very earthly concerns. Along the way she realizes that touring the country with her family might just be an exciting adventure."

Please keep Lori and her book in mind this holiday season! And CONGRATULATIONS, LORI!! I'm very proud of you.


LocuTus of Borg said...

Congratulations Lori - that is awesome!! She must feel elated and so excited. I have had articles published in magazines and know how it feels. But a book? That is awesome!!

Nik said...

That's too cool and I hope things go well for Lori. Congrats!