Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Now that we've survived the long winter, does anyone have any fun plans for summer coming up?


Renee said...

I have fun plans for this weekend, even though it's not summer yet :-)
My parents are coming on Saturday to help us build Brent's new swing set (a late birthday present; his bday is in Feb)! He is beside himself with excitement; it will be a lot of fun. And now hopefully we don't have to go to a playground every single day this summer!

Jen said...

This summer....

1) Sleep, since I won't get to do that anymore once I student teaching starts in Sept.

2) Go sky diving again.

3) Go to the zoo.

4) Continue exercising/ getting in shape.

5)Go to an amusement park (finances willing, so probably not..actually, we could probably do Michigan's Adventure--aka Deer Park Funland, LOL)

5a) Go to a fair

Jen said...

These aren't so much definite plans as more of a wish list. I don't do "plans."

J said...

1) Drink beer
2) Drink beer
3) Scratch myself
4) Drink beer

Jen said...

I've got myself a sexy-ass man.

Renee said...

Jeff, you and John are almost twins! His list would read:

1) Scratch myself
2) Scratch myself
3) Drink beer
4) Scratch myself

Guys are disgusting. You better be glad we don't sit around and scratch ourselves all the time.

Anna said...

I'm so happy to bring out my summer clothes again! I get so bored of sweaters by April.

I'm going to my brother's wedding for Memorial Day. For the 4th of July might go to Colonial Williamsburg. I have an All-School Reunion in July that I'm looking forward to.

I look forward to grilling and eating on the deck, Tim's softball games, flowers and hot days :)

Renee said...

Ugh, I hate summer clothes! I'm much more comfortable hiding my fat in sweaters and sweatshirts :-)

I'm preparing to do something about it, though. Next week (or whenever my poor kid gets over his sinus infection) I'm gonna start working out at a place that has free childcare and no registration/sign up fees and no contracts.

Maybe next year I'll be happy to get my summer clothes out. Actually, hopefully next summer I'll be happy to buy NEW, SMALLER summer clothes :-)

But I'm with you on the grilling and eating outside- LOVE IT!

Jen, we should go to Michigan's Adventure together :-)

Anna said...

Of course now that I jumped the gun and put away my winter clothes, we're supposed to get snow this weekend. :( Sob, sob!

This state is THE WEIRDEST for weather!