Friday, April 08, 2005

Andrew, where are you??

So in cruising the Net today (the boys are napping, so it's okay), I found a reference to my blog (read the intro in the post and then scroll down to the comments for a mention of yours truly).

Apparently, this Andrew person either thinks my blog is a "Best Blog You're Probably Not Reading (Yet)"-- OR one of the "Worst Trends in Blogging 2004." But either way, I can't ask him, because the email address associated with that post is no longer valid (trust me, I tried).

Now, my question to all of you is:

Wasn't there a post from an Andrew once? Anyone remember at all where it was (what month, what topic, etc.)? The winner gets to do a little something special with me. (Don't get too excited; that was just a tip of the hat to "Whose Line?")


Renee said...

I think an Andrew commented on Eric's blog, too... I'd have to check to be sure, but one of the recent ones, I'm sure. Hmmm.

I'm excited to get to do a little something with you, so I'll find it, dammit!

Renee said...

Okay, an Andrew commented on the death of that comedian on Eric's blog (about him not doing drugs for 12 or 3 years or something) :-)
Not sure if it's the same guy or not, but you could check!

Jen said...

LOL...yeah, I saw the Andrew post on E's blog, but I'm almost absolutely sure that it's not the same one. If it were a less common name then maybe I'd check into it, but I'm pretty sure. The chances are just too small. (Unless he got to MY blog by clicking on the link in one of my comments on ERIC'S blog...but that would mean that he'd have to have been reading E's blog as far back as Dec. Hmmmm.

Anna said...

I don't remember an Andrew here. There've been a few random people over the last few weeks but I can't think of an Andrew. Hmmm....

I read this article in Newsweek about how the bloggin world was mostly white & male. I thought, huh, how funny, that's not my blogging world, which is mostly white but women. Any thoughts?

Renee said...

That means we're cooler than the guys :-)